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Jindal, the better choice

I was surprised that the "Sportsman" is endorsing Mr. Jindal. Needless to say it is a good thing. Mr Jindal is smart, has fresh ideas and is an honest man. I'm sure watching the ad's as we get close, those who sling "mud" have no platform to run on, and that is called desparation. The "Fat Man" from St. Bernard is just that person, watch his ad's and see. After going after someone as the "Fat Man" does, I sure don't want some one as vendictive as "The Fat" as the governor, who's axe will he grind, with our state and tax money. Isn't it ironic, the "Fat Man" standing up against the "Little Man". As voters, we're all sorta the little man until we go into the booth, and the "Fat Man" is going to stand up against us.
I may be wrong, but I heard just last night from a guy that it was Jindal that got all the B.S. started about doing away with homested exemption. Wanting to induce property and school tax like Texas has. I say "Shame on You Jindal", "Shame on You!!"
No that isn't true its another one of Walter Boasso's mud slinging tactics. Heard that about 2 months ago and come to find out it was said by Boasso in a Baton Rouge advocate interview........Got to be careful of what you hear and where it comes from these dayz. If you dont watch all the BS in your own parish your gonna end up with Wayne Hall instead of Moses as sheriff there.
" faded faith "
...It's a science !...they are smart at what they "DO"...they come in different sizes,ages,colors and shapes!...looks like a "ZOO" ???...but... they all "COMPLAIN" when they not on the gravy "TRAIN"...cheers ?
Who's the Mud Slinger.
I don't know who I am voting for in the election yet, but I do know that I have received numerous advertisements in the mail from the Bobby Jindal camp talking bad about Boasso and haven't gotten anything from Boasso except his qualifications. Also, I don't think Jindal is as honest as you think. But to you, yours and to me, mine.
no to jindal.
They are all crooks that tell you what you want to hear to get into office, then do what they can too fill their pockets.

political analytical ???
...once upon a time I had a choice too ??? who would you have taken ???...Edwards,Romer or Duke ???...decisions,decisions !!!...cheers
Admiral, you had some pretty lame choices in that election. I'm going with Jindal. He's the lesser of all the evils. I surely won't vote nor give consideration to Foster campbell. What a friggin' kook. How in the heck did he ever get elected to anything?
One of the things i have looked at in my 30+ years of voting is which canidate starts the mud slinging in their race.
They are the first off my list. so walter you were neck and neck with bobby Untill you took the low road.
That election
I remember that race well,
We had a choice of , The Crook , The kook or The klan.
Only in Louisiana!!!
I wasn't old enough to vote back then but I would have chosen Edwards to be truthful.
decisions,descisions !
...guess I'am in the same boat I was in years ago...thing about Edwards is he had bumper stickers "Vote for the Crook"...and he still won ???...guess we have to find honesty in a percentage ???...cheers
The crook
Take the crook over the kook or the klan!! What choice did you have?
if democrats had any brains, they'd be republicans. Did any of you hear about that mayor somewhere in california banning smoking in the homes of people who live in appartments? apparently now you can't even smoke in your own home, if you live in an appartment building. What next???? There is no happy place for a democrat. They are scum.
the one thing that always sways my vote is when you have a business man Candidate, in this case Georges, who says that they are going to run the Government like a "Business". That worked wonders for the city of New Orleans with Nagin as Mayor. Point is you can't run government like a business, a business is supposed to MAKE MONEY, a government is supposed to SPEND MONEY. So then you have to look at the candidate that will spend your money more efficiently and that has your ideas in mind, and in this case I think I will have to vote for the NERD Jindal.
I am going to vote for Jindal. Best I have seen in a long long time.
I am voting for Jindal and here is why.
1. Amazing insight, vision and brains. How many times have you ever heard someone say that about anything dealing with Louisiana. Hopefully this will help change our uneducated image.
2. Has experience with the inter-workings of Baton Rouge and Washington. We saw what lack of experience got us after the storms.
3. He has a plan for each problem or issue and he can execute it. Oh, he may go overboard with his 17 pt plan or 34 pt. plan on various issues, but he has a plan and it is laid out for you to see.
4. He is NOT far more taxes.
5. We will have new president next year. I much prefer someone who has been in Washington to work with Washington. This will be more beneficial for Louisiana if we have a republician president and a republician governor. I feel it will be a republician president. Hillary will not win; her negatives are too high.

I can not vote for Bossaso. He just switch from his "core values" of a conservative/republician to the liberal/democrate. He might have the opportunity to crawl in bed with the wrong people

John Georges sounds good, but not enough experience with Baton Rouge. Running a business is one thing, but working in Baton Rouge is another. Huey Long said it best. "Send all those Harvard political science majors to Louisiana for the graduate course."
Higher aspirations...
Some folks seem to have higher aspirations and goals than others.

I like applicants who appear to have higher aspirations. They'll need to perform well to add to their resume'. I don't usually like applicants who, if selected, will be at the pinnacle of their career.

Zat make sense?
great 65tigers. attitudes like yours are what got Blanco elected. Look where that got us all. You should be euthanized like a rabid dog.
democrats suck
Funny you should bring up Big Mike. Both Jindal and Boasso have stated that they would not take a salary if elected gov.....a trend that I believe big mike started. Blanco takes over right after foster and gives herself a 90% pay raise, not to mention most of her cabinet. she is one of the highest paid governors in one of the poorest states. I'm not saying he was, but I would take another mike foster sitting idle than another blanko moving backwards.

Do any of you actually listen to the debates?? I find it funny how every single canidate has to reference themselves to bobby jindal on almost every subject. He is the clear choice. The other candidates even know it. Boasso is the worst. he attacks jindal on every issue. I'm not saying Jindal is a savior, but I think he will stop the downward spiral blanko put us in.

Check out this video clip on boasso's support for the little guy.
OBama, and Jendal are both Muslims, Right ????

What if they are trying to get in office to use their powers
to control the US. Jendil doesn't show up for debates ???
Is he hiding something?? He's against giving Reservest VA benefits, even if they fought in Iraq ???
Maybe they work for Bin laden ??? After all they are both Muslins
Just Keep those thoughts in your head.
Jindal says he will wage war against "good ole boy corruption". This is one battle I want to see. We need an leader that will do that; at least attempt it.
I don't know about Obama and I may be wrong but I believe Jindal is Christian. I seem to remember seeing an ad saying Jindal was Christian, but I may be wrong. And if he were seeking power as a Muslim to attack America it seems he was in a higher place in Washington to accomplish this than he would be as governor of Louisiana. JMHO
Muslim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Jindal is very much Christian. A Christian thatís not afraid to express his Christian views in public like most, so called Christians!!! DO some research on Jindal CAJUNBOB. As for going to debates, hell who blames him who wants to listen to some fat corrupt Dems. blame all or problems on Bush and just keep paying into welfare to keep certain people happy and quiet . ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cajun BOB
Jindal is very christan!!!!!!! Obama is catholic. Cajun Bob do you live in a skiff on the bayou with no t.v or newspaper???? Did you walk to the local library to log on this site?? At least turn on the t.v. or go to before you post such ridiculous comments. I dont mind placing my political views here. Jindal for govenor. Foster Campbell has had his entire life to make a difference in politics and hasn't. Boasso needs to go get a new water hose and box of tide and go back to work cause he is just an AZZ clown that talks down about everyone else so he can dodge the isuues and John George is a wasted vote. Juliani or Obama for president not sure on that one yet. Clinton is OUT. Mitt Romney is missing something just cant pinpoint what he is hiding the way he is mormon so im sure cajun bob thinks he is going to take over america too. lol
Forgive me, when I think of the word Christian, I relate it with someone believing in GOD. I have heard Jindal use the word GOD more then once. A word that has become forbidden in politics, Christian, Catholic the fundamental belief in or lord and saver is there. I was just up set about the muslim comment.
Jindal is the obvious choice, has more experience than all others combined. The Lt. Governer race has another twist. Do you vote for the career politician in Mitch "never held a real job" Landreau or Sammy Kershaw, the country singer turned politician? Well the absentee voting has begun for all who plan to be in the woods on the 20th. I have seen Mitch and family in action, time for change in my opinion. If you haven't seen Kershaw's views on what he thinsk the state needs, he seems to have a plan.
Jindal was born Hindu, and converted to Christianity on his own as a teenager. evidently you haven't read the paper lately, or ever. I think Jindal vs Georges in a runoff would be good for the State, and either would make a great governor.
I will vote Bobby Jindal
I don't think any politician is great. The word politician scares me. That being said, I have a buddy that works for the State department of Health and Hospitals (DHH). Bobby Jindal used to be head of DHH and my buddy says Bobby did a good job. Bobby was miserly with the money received for the department and did only good things.
Based on what my buddy says about Bobby's running of DHH I like him. Anyone who will spend conservatively and in the right places is the governor that I believe we need.
Also Bobby is a duck hunter.
To me Boasso just seems like that typical bully democrat that is just looking for that "PLATINUM STATUS" i think that Jindal genuinly cares for this state. You cant go wrong voting for a christian family man with proved experience.. But thats just me...not to mention he hunts...clutch
That explains it
I always wondered how Blanko ever got elected. Now I see. with coments like the muslim thing its no secret how misinformed people are when it comes voting time. cajunbob, you've had a few years now to see jindal on TV, even if you didn't want to do your own research. you should know enough about him and the other candidates when you walk in the voting booth. How on earth could you possibly be that far off of the truth. Next time you want to piss and moan about taxes or insurance or roads or healthcare or any issue that the government effects your life on....DON'T....because you don't deserve the right to complain if you don't get involved. You don't deserve the right to vote if your that misinformed. Theres only one type of people I hate worst than democrats, and thats the grossly misinformed......wait, I believe they are one in the same.......get involved dammit.
you are dead on, Blanco won because the ignorant in this great state wouldn't/couldn't vote for a "black" man.
Christian Family Man? Jindal is of Indian decent and was originally a Hindu, then later converted to Catholic.
He went to college for Public policy and got a masters in Political science. Looks like his career goal was to be a politician. How far into Louisiana politics would someone of Hindu Religion been voted into any office in Louisiana. Did he change religions b/c he knew it would benefit him in his career?
it's also been claimed that he is a sportsman. Just b/c you hunt doesn't necessarily you a sportsman. "Jindal's lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters is 7%" (Wikipedia). Not too good, he usually sides w/ big oil company's. Wanna talk about corrupt? you think oil company's grease jindal's pockets to vote their way?

Boasso = Democratic Bully? I guess that depends on which decade you're looking at. He started off Democrat then switched to the republican party now he's back to Democrat. I guess he goes to which ever party will help him get into office.

Bottom line is we get to choose b/t a douche and a tird sandwich.
Remember this day......
,,,,'Cuz I gotta agree with everything what Driftwood has said in this post. Amen. Praise be. That's it.
As a side note. Wife worked side by side with Jindal during the Foster admin. The feds came down on LA and said get your ducks in a row or your gonna lose federal dollars. Bobby did what needed to be done and took the heat. That's something you have to respect, when a man gets his hands dirty and doesn't complain, he just gets the job done.
#1, I don't trust Wikipedia cuz you can post whatever you want and it's the truth according to you.
#2, Jindal converted to Catholicism as a teenager.

#3, He's an intelligent man who accomplished much at a young age.
#4, Not to knock you old guys, but we keep electing 60-70y/o dinosaurs to public office, and we'll keep living in the Stone Age. At 60-70 y/o, you should be retiring, not running for office. There should be a slot age limit to run for office, say 23 y/o - 50 y/o.
#5, It's time for a change, we need a governor that's not part of the old machine.
#6, This B.S. about "businessmen" being different from "politicians" is a load of crap. The only difference is that a businessman is limited to spending only what he can generate. A politician can spend it all, and then raise taxes and spend more. (see La's budget for the last 12 years, from $11 billion to $34 billion in 10 years)
More Sources?
"He converted to Catholicism from Hinduism while at Brown University" (Congresspedia -

Bobby is smart, very smart. Smart enough to know that his chances in Loisiana politics won't be that good if he's a Hindu rather than a Catholic and he was definitely smart enough to know that as a young man just starting his career as a politician at Brown. He was smarter as a freshman or sophomore in college than all of us who read this site put together. He's smart enough to convince us that he's someone that he's not.

I just couldn't sit by and keep reading all this B.S. without commenting. First of all just because someone says they are a Christian does not mean they are. Most of the so called Christian just hide behind their religion to cover up for their wrong doing, such as lies, etc. Jindal may have fresh ideas, yes, and that goes with his age group. The others have seen what this state has gone through and know that we need changes and want to make a difference. What bothers me the most is that Jindal is in George W.'s back pocket. What has he actually done for us in congress? Why does he not show up for political debates and let us fully know what he is about? I'm sure I will be writing again because all of you Republicans are so full of .>>>>>>.
Yeah, but the Democrats are even worse.
Flushed again
Jindal is as much a native louisianian as anyone on this site. He was born and raised in this state. Know the facts. He converted to catholicism while he was a teenager, suprisingly, he did this prior to running for office unlike some other candidates who only make changes in their thought processes at election time. Jindal has participated in debates. Not all of them, but he has participated. If some of you are too lazy to read about the debate or watch it live, then you can be blamed 4 years from now when nothing has changed.

Didn't Jindal spearhead the legislation to bring royalty money to LA? I guess the oil companies paid him to do that also.
The Dems Sheeple
I will preface my comments by saying that my family has been historically democrat and my grandfather ran for senate in the 60's as a democrat (twice). First off the democratic party today is NOT the same bunch that all of your parents and grand parents supported in the south. They are the party of increased welfare and eviromentalist causes and the pacifist america movement. So many people read this nonesense and soak it up like a sponge and refuse to read more or think on your own-bayoulady gave the typical uninformed democratic rebutal on the subject, no substance just try to make the other guy look bad, Jindal does not need to debate these ***clowns because they can only hope to tear him down on a personal level since they have no real accomplishment or plan other than some glittering generalities to stand on. Wish BLANKO would have been closer to GW's back pocket before and after Katrina. Shes done such a great job for us Bayou lady, go ahead defend her awesome job, not try to bash another canidate. I will not vote for any canidate who thinks we need to exponentially keep adding to the social services buffet (see welfare) as I am tired of being taxed to the hilt. Money does not magiacally appear in government, it comes from taxes, if you need me to expalin this phenomenon to you shoot me an email and I will try to help. Jindal is by far the most qualified, energetic and intelligent canidate in this race. Get over yourselves and look at your and your childrens future, who would you want leading you down a personal road and who do you think will take the best care of you. Get informed and make the best decision you can but please take the time to read something other than the flyer that is put in your hand or the daily democrat news blog. Elephants-no new taxes---Jack---es, more new taxes.
Leopards change their spots
Also as noted in the Sportsman Mr.Boasso ( the not so ultimate outdoorsman) just bought his lifetime liscense in July 07, so he could say he was a lifetime liscense holder, I hope you enjoy your campaign contributions going to stuff like that. This was a CYA move if ever ever seen one and you want to split hairs of Jindals conversion to catholocism when he was a teen! Wake uo Louisiana
I agree with 99.5% Timberman
Mr. Timberman, that was very well written and i agree with most of what was written. You are correct about tax and spend and we know who does that for entitlements. But also it is my belief that wars equate to a delayed tax increase and we know who does that. I don't vote party, I vote policy.
I fear that Hickabilly Foster Campbell winning. With his "fresh" ideas, the oil, gas, and chemical companies that provide so many of us jobs that pay taxes, mortages, car notes, private skrewl tuition, hunting n fishing licenses, and daycare, will run to Texas faster than you can say welfare state.
What a rube.
genius plan
The monies he wants to collect from the oil companies will just be passed back to us with higer prices at the pump and on all petroleum products, somebody please save us from that idiot-scary part is that some out there think he has a great plant to eliminate state income taxes, we will still pay it just in a different way. Repeat after me, There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Who gives a crap what religion he is part of or when he converted? do you really think he changed religions to become elected? wouldn't it be easier to just be a democrat?

bilge pump, you said it perfectly, hes smarter than all of us put together, so why would you not want someone like that running our state? would you rather have a welfare recipient who obviously gobbled up everything that was ever offered to him?

You guys better listen to this bayoulady. and listen closely. By the time this debate is over, I will be able to reference every one of her comments to a walter boasso TV commercial. Pick up a book lady, your at risk of becoming a robot, just like they want you to be. what next a health care issue? He was the head of DHH at the ripe old age of 25. what were you doing at that age?
Hmm for starters
He helped straightnen out the mess at DHH when he was there with fiscal reform and accountability, he fianlly pushed the legislation thorugh that helps louisiana get a closer to fair share of oil and gas revenues to restore our wetlands ( which by the way got in the mess they are in over the last 50 years of good old boy politics that was overwhelmingly democrat that were in bed with big oil) face it we were a state high on corruption and low on ethical standards, he has pushed for meaningful reform in healthcare and lobbying controls, should I go on.... I am far from rich, I am registered independant and vote for dems on occassion. I am well educated and reserve the right to think for myself-there are politicans of every ilk, trade, race, creed, color and party that I feel wouldn't even make good bait for crab traps. The "old party" dems get hammered by their own group and have to be labeled as moderates to survive and often side with republicans. (see Joe Liberman) I have been around this political game since I was young and have learned how the game is played. With the internet you can access tons of valuable infromation on canidates. Dont get your views from fox news or cnn. Read, digest and research until you fully understand (as is sometimes impossible in politics) anything that you are interested in or may have a bearing on you and your family! Bayou I am not trying to bash you or your beliefs but befor just shouting I am a democrat and all republicans are bad do a little reserach, would you have let old uncle eddie be your investement advisor??? And old spongebob muslim confusion guy please put some chlorine in the gene pool, its getting realy cloudy in there.
I think we got under bayoulady's skin, she's gotten extremely shrill, or else she doesn't know that typing in all caps is screaming on the internet. A person usually resorts to screaming when they are cornered and are running out of talking points to throw at the opposition.

They are also nuts to want to debate Jindal, the only one who stands a chance with him in a debate is Georges. If Jindal would "debate" with them, he would win with 65-75% of the vote rather than 55-65%.

These "debates" aren't true debates, anyway.
Who really cares about party affiliation? I just want someone who is going to be true to this state. I have a dream that Eddy is sitting in his cell wishing he would have done some things different. I believe he loves Louisiana. Won't ever really know will we?
As far as debates go, I believe each "debater" should be required to drink either 7 12oz beers or 4 highballs before the show starts, then maybe we would hear how they really feel.
Let's not bash each other. Be civil, be kind. Oooooohhhmmmmm.
Its a disease
I just cant refrain from a battle of wits with and unarmed person! :)-not you bayoulady, just a little saying to humor the masses

Lets see first there was a chicken in every pot, but some didn't have a pot so we provided that too, shortly thereafter someone was then astute enough to notice that some had their pot hanging over a wood fire outside and this would simply not do so they bought them a stove-on a drive one day a politican noticed a stove was sitting out in the rain and this would not do so we provided a kitchen with power and a roof, all was well till one hot July day on a campain stop governor X had to eat that chicken outside in the heat so the wheels went in motion to add on to that kitchen and supply some air conditioning--- you see where this is headed people and look at where we are today. It will take everyone who is collectively concerned about the slow spiral of this great nation to a socialist country with open borders to get active now to make a change-going to have to hold my nose and close my eyes at this rate to vote for a president, and to bayou I am not pleased with several things that GW has done, would love to meet him and then spend the next four hours with his bare feet hanging over the coals grilling him on some of the bonehead stuff he is doing. But John Kerry, he he he he thats till funny!
I did not have the intent of screaming. I just was just pointing out that yall were running your mouths but not saying anything as to why I should vote for Jindal..I am not sold on anyone of them. I have read and listened to every info I could find on all of them. I wanted a personal view from you guys as to why I should vote for Jindal. And NO, I would not give old Eddie my vote now or then, can't trust him from way back when. So don't be so critical on me, when i simply wanted a trutful answer as to why.
Democrat or Republican
Piyush was just a teenager when he changed religions?
Sure he was but he was a teenager that was a lot smarter than any of us. He knew where he was going and what he needed do to get there. Catholicism and Hindu are two very different religions what makes a person want to make such a radical change?
And I agree, the religion that a person practices shouldn't matter so why did it matter so much to him to change?

Enough of that though. Sounds like most people on here dislike Kathleen Blanco very much.
Well look where Jindal is getting his support from. One of his largest contributors is The Shaw Group, whose CEO was former head of the Louisiana Democratic party. Everyone is calling for change but if Jindal is being supported, and lets not kid ourselves, also being influenced by, the same people that supporte Blanco then where is the change?

by the way driftwood, i never said who i was voting for.
bayou lady, these guys have given you reasons why they are voting for jindal. viagra man gave us a five reasons, and wilford gave us six, in numerical order.1,2,3,4,5,6. I don't know how they could have put it in a simplier form. perhaps alphabetical order if you would perfer that. I think the truth is that you don't want to hear why. If you think I am wrong, then answer this....why not? The only thing you produced is...

A. He's in George Bushes pocket.
B. He's hiding behind the catholic faith.

again, your liberal colors shine. YOU WANT TO BE GIVEN.

A. Give me a reason why I should vote for jindal
B. Give me a candidate who will take care of everyone in the state(impossible by the way)
C. Give me lower gas prices
D. Give me jindal in a debate so I can see what hes all about(he's been in several)

I'll GIVE you a question. You say you don't support blanko, and you obviously don't like jindal, so who did you vote for in the last election?

PS bilge pump, I don't care who you vote for, I'm not campagning for anybody. I would like you to GIVE us all a logical reason not to vote for jindal. I do a lot of research before I vote, and I haven't been able to find many.
Leg trap!
Driftwood, I hate to pick on people but you might not here from Bayou for a while, she's going to be busy chewing out of that leg trap.
greatly appreciated
Timberman, Your well informed and open minded. a double threat to the liberals that want to strip us of our rights. some of the best posting I've seen yet. Its funny to go back and read all of the posts and determine where the logic is found.
I can't give you any good reason not to vote for Jindal and i'm probably going to vote for him.

but I do like to stir the pot a little on some of the silly reasons that some people give for voting for him.

He's a good christian man - debatable

He's going to stop corruption - I haven't heard any of the other candidates supporting corruption

He's a duck hunter - just b/c you get a warm feeling when you pass by Billy's in Pecan island on saturday morning and see bobby deep throating a link of boudin doesn't mean he always does what's in the best interest for sportsmen of this state and it's no reason to vote for him.

a lot of good comments on here, a spirited dialog is healthy, it gets people to think and look a little further into issues. Good thread.
Other choices
For the record one canidate that stands out for his ethics is John Georges, he is not running any attack ads and to my knowledge has not tried to smear anyones name but he has some slightly unrealistic views on what he can do in government including the desire to expand social services. That has been the centerpeice of Boasso's campaign. I would have a very suspicous eye of any businessman who sold his business to run for governor. Where is he looking for future gain. Foster campbell is just looney, I think he has some oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.
fat man
the fat man is going to clean up government coruption with a box of tide and a garden hose. lol
Maybe I'm a dummy,
But when jindal told me to my face that
" No i may not know everything there is to know about running the state of louisiana , But i'm intelligent
enough to hire the folks that do"
He Got My Vote!
Not Like blanco , Who said " I will place minorites and women in key positions"
She did what she said , wether they were qualified or not.
I have looked at all the canidates and even had started seriously reaserching boASSo .
Till he knew he was behind and started the mud slinging,
If you cant run on your merits and have to resort to
Mud slinging You don't belong in office.
I can't fault any canidate for firing back at these ads as Jindal tried to stay out of it and not defend himself in the last election and because of this and people who couldn't look beyond his skin color He LOST!!!
I am voting for Bobby Jindal , You vote for whomever you want.
But Just Remember< If you don't vote, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN!!!!!
Bayou Ninja
again I agree about georges. I love his support for blueprint La. love his views on crime. don't like his education plan. Just got finished watching one of his commercials about putting a laptop on every students desk. This is not the answer to our education problem. You can throw all the money you want into the public school system and you still wont get acceptable results. These people don't want to learn. You have to make them want an education. Don't hire people without a highschool diploma. Don't give them welfare. make them earn a living. There is no reason that an able bodied male should be unemployed in La right now. every industry is starving for workers.
re-establish the Vo-Tech system, where high school kids could take courses and learn a trade at a young age. You know a good diesel tech can make up to $40/hr???

Not every kid is destined for college.
Driftwood, you said a mouthful in that last sentence, bud.
Bobby Jindal got my vote. He's the best canidate this state had in a long time. But I think he can do more for Louisiana where he's at now then as governor. The last guy I will vote for is Walter "The Fatman" Boasso. This guy can't make up his mind about what political party he wants to represent. This is not the first time he switched political party. If he can't make up his mind about what party to represent, then how is he going to make up his mind about the issues thats important to this state.
georges for me you know how that goes everyone has an opinion.
I'm voting fer Bobby. He deer hunts with hounds.

ha ha
dam gauger, now I have to vote for boasso, I know he couldn't chase a dog through the swamp. good talking
whos going to help us?
Alright i got a question... Who do you think is going to listen and help us SPORTSMEN (and Sportswomen). I know both Jindal and Boasso are "Sportsmen" but which one really cares the most about helping our fisheries and our ducks, deer, etc.. Which canidate actually goes out on a regular basis and hunts or goes fishing? which canidate is willing to put aside his "Top Man" status once elected and come back down to our level and talk to the average man no matter if he is dressed in overalls and shrimp boots or a buisness suit??
Its not a big enough issue. sad but true. they all want our votes, so they film a commercial, like sydney mae, standing there in camoflouge holding a shotgun (with the barrel pointing towards her face by the way). Mike Foster was a sportsman, yet most sportsman didn't like him. Truth is we have bigger fish to fry.
yeah i guess so, its sad but i guess its true
Boasso = Gill nets
I put alot of stock into the fact that Boasso did come out against returning gillnets to the water in the LASportsman October poll. It pretty much shows where he stands on conservation issues. He has to listen to his chalmetian constituents and special interests.
check out what NRA says about
One source of information on candidates is how teh NRA ranks them. The ranking is not on how well they can shoot a gun but how well the NRA thinks they will promote hunting and gun rights POLITICALLY. I know alot of hunters who are great sportsmen but either dont vote or wouldnt be very effective politically for our cause if elected. Just because you can track game or you go out fishing alot doesnt mean you are good for hunters in the political arena.

check out to see how NRA ranks teh cabdidates on how well they believe the canidates will stand up politically for our rights.

Please vote sat.
I only hope that whoever gets elected takes coastal erosion and saving our woods and waters seriously and gets things done. The fishes and game will follow.
What confounds me is the rate at which we are losing our coast and marshes, and noone on the state or federal level is taking this situation seriously. Look what happened in Florida with the Everglades. Things got done there, yet Louisiana is getting ignored. Enough studying, commissions, and talking......Get it F*^&in' done!!!!
Bobby Jindal
Jindal got my vote.
Anyone but Georges
Georges is trying to get support any way he can. He is giving money to all the black churches, even though he was a Republican till a few months ago. He will promise anything to anyone AKA EDWIN. But Eddie was much more capable and smarter than this guy.
Video Poker King. Biggest Cigarette distributor in LA. What a frik'in prize.

Jindal will probably bring the state foward better than Boasso. But, Boasso would probably do a very good job also.
Boasso is less tied down by his party, as the Democratic Party is still not really tight with him because he has not embraced the black democrates.
What's wrong with the Lady runnin our state now?
So whats wrong with the lady running our state now ? Remember when she was dropping them tears on TV ? Well I knows for a fact them tears was because she just got out of her bass boat he was running 80mph!!! Cource it could be because she hooked her finger trying to release a 5lb. bass.