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1st bow kill

1st bow kill. 25 yards and a terrible shot, but it did the trick. She only went 40 yards.
hey man, it dont matter bout the shot.. she is on the ground.. good job..keep them comin
Good job, she doesn't know it was a bad shot.

Everyone makes a bad shot sometimes, practice and do your best. It must not have been too bad if she only went 40 yards.

Be proud of your accomplishment, few kill with a bow.

BTW, the people who say they always make a pefect shot are liars. Believe me, everyone has a story of a bad shot that still turned out well.
I agree with these guys. Couldn't have been too bad. Even if it was gut-shot, you must have cut the main artery or the liver or something. Where did you hit her? Can't quite tell from the picture. Just curious. Anyway, congratulations!
Good job!!! I agree dosen't matter meat is on the ground.
everybody makes bad shots. Good luck!!!!!!
congrats, cook a sauce!!