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Skull Mount

Oh guru's of the hunting world, do any of yall have any experience skull mounting a deer? I need tips on getting it clean, bleaching, and mounting the skull. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
There was a guy on here last year that explained it really well and had some great pictures of his mounts, but I don't remember his name. Maybe someone can help.

Anyway, I did one last year and the thing he taught me that was most important is not to BOIL the water, just have it simmer. It took longer to get the meat off, but the mount came out great and entirely intact. I also took it to the car wash like he suggested, kinda dirty, but it worked great.

I'm sure someone will remember his nameand post it.
All you have to do is boil the head for several hours until everything falls off. Once it has, take the head and soak just the skull not the antlers in hydrogen peroxide and water this will give it the shiny white look.

Tip: Do this as far from the house as possible and make sure to dig all of the brains out.
I didn't want to go into detail because the other guy had done a good job last year but.......DO NOT BOIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you boil it, it will break down the fragile portion of the nose area before the meat is boiled off the other areas. Take it from me I messed up my first mount and the second one came out ten times better. SMOKEM is correct about the hydrogen peroxide. I think I left it in there for a few hours (be careful not to put any portions of the horn in, it will bleach them also) then let it sit in the sun to bleach it. BTW, the car wash is the best (but dirty) way to blow out the brains and also startes the degreasing process. I brought it back from the car wash and washed it well (and soaked it) in dawn detergent afterwards to degrease it. The degreasing allows the peroxide to bleach it better. DO NOT PLACE IN CHLOROX EITHER.
Google "how to European mount" and you'll find some good links...when we've done it, we added the soap to the pot while boiling; we also use the single tree and attach the antlers to it so raising and lowering is easy; and i believe that after a couple of hours of simmering/boiling, a lot of tissue not taken off in the original scraping came off w/ a steady stream from water nozzle...but you have to simmer for a while to get the tissue soft enough...we've done about 4-5 and they turn out great...try a practice skull a few times before the real deal.
There are two methods 1. simmer or 2. macerate.

Macerating is the easiest if you have the stomach for it and results in less damage to the bone. Just cut the hide off the head and as much meat as you can. Put it in a bucket and cover with water up to the burr of the antlers (do not let the antlers sit in the water or it will stain them). I usually pour half a beer in there to help speed up the bacteria growth. Change the water about every 3 days. Do not dump all the water (save about 1/4 of it) or you will loose your bacteria growth. After about two weeks you can pull it out and use a knife and pliers to pull the meat off the skull (very, very nasty). Then take a water hose and spray the brain cavity out and wash the skull.

Method 2 is "simmering". I use an old crawfish pot. Put the head in the pot and fill with water up to the antlers with some Dawn dishwashing detergent. The dawn will keep the smell downa and cut the grease. Simmer, DO NOT BOIL for about 45 minutes, cut as much meat off and repeat as necessary. Once you get the meat off spray it down with a water hose and wash out the brain cavity.

Once the skull is clean then you will want to degrease it. This, in my opinion, is the most important step. You can buy pure Ammonia at Wal-mart. Mix about half a jug with water and soak the skull in it for about 2 days. You will see the fat start collecting on the top of the water. Do this about 3 times. This shortens the whitening process and helps the skull become WHITE without the grease spots leaching through.

Next is bleaching. I use the 30% peroxide from Sally's Beauty Supply. DO NOT USE BLEACH! It will deteriorate the bone faster than normal and make it flake. Use straight peroxide and soak it in a pan up to the antlers. You can put paper towels on the top of the skull to wick the peroxide up there. Use gloves cause this stuff will burn your hands. I usually soak in peroxide for about 24-36 hours. Place a white towel in the sun and set the skull on it and let the sun finish whitening it for a few days.

I will post pics in another thread of some that I did last year. The main thing is to keep the ammonia, peroxide and if you macerate, the nasty water off the horns.

I have to stop giving away my secrets or I will be out of business, LOL!