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The Infamous Jerald Horst

In January of this year, LSM wrote an article about a man named Jerald Horst. To sum it up, this man basically duck hunted the Wax Lake Outlet all season long and told of the methods he used to intercept rafting ducks. Little did anyone know what Jerald Horst would do to a fellow duck hunter on the morning of November 18, 2007. Around 11:00 a.m. on an overcast and windy morning on the flats of the Wax Delta, me and two hunting buddies decided to call it quits with a 15 duck stringer. We were hunting a friend's blind that morning for a little change of pace. The morning before, we hunted a blind that we built and brushed with wax myrtle and was clearly visible just 1000 yards away. To someone unfamiliar with building a blind in the flats, it is a task that requires a few days work to accomplish. First, one must cut natural materials such as willow trees for driving poles and wax myrtle for brush. Then, you have to drive the 15 miles with the load of materials. If one boat is used, it takes three trips to complete a blind suitable to hunt from. A few hours spent on location and you're ready to hunt. For our sake, all this was done prior to opening day. Furthermore, we've hunted this exact spot for the past 4 years and have yet to have any problems. Until now.

As we prepared to depart and pick up our decoy spread, we noticed something strange happening at the blind that we built. It appeared someone in a boat was next to the blind and piles of wax myrtle began drifting away from the blind with the outgoing tide. Without hesitation, we dropped everything and high tailed it toward the scene of mayhem unfolding. By the time we arrived, all damage was done and a man in a small bateau outfitted with a go-devil and a fast-grass pop-up blind had already fled the scene. Vectoring toward his small craft, we suddenly became infused with anger; livid yet dumbfounded at the sight of our hard work completely demolished right before our eyes. Upon stopping the individual, we quickly inquired with many choice words why he committed such a terrible act to a fellow hunter. This individual, now known as Jerald Horst, responded with the utmost idiocy, jealousy, and envy I have ever seen in a human being. His problems with our blind were as follows: 1) We were positioned too close to him (remember he hunts out of a portable pop-up blind) 2) People that hunted that blind all week pulled birds away from him with better calling skills (remember he hunts out of a portable pop-up blind) 3) Birds working his spread were flaring when shots were fired from the other blind (remember he hunts out of a portable pop-up blind) 4) The law was on his side.

Rules indicate one cannot stake claim to a particular spot on any part of a WMA. In addition, there is no rule or law that says you cannot tear down someone else’s blind. He had number 4 right. The law is on his side and there is nothing that can be done. In fact, after our 15 minute altercation with Jerald Horst, a wildlife and fisheries agent stopped us on our way back to the blind we were hunting. He said he could not write a ticket but was going to have a chat with ole Mr. Horst. The results of that are not known. What is known is that Jerald Horst is a worthless individual capable of ruining at least one weekend of hunting for me and two other hunting buddies and at least one weekend of hard work it took to build the blind in the first place.
Sure is a lot of unruly behavior going on at the Wax. I think I hear more negative remarks coming from the Wax than positive ones.
No wonder he seems to be such a good hunter to the unsuspecting bystander. He also seems to hunt many more days each season.
If it were me, and its not, I would look for his setup and park 10 yards next to his "portable" blind a few mornings in a row. Would mess up your hunts too, but payback sometimes cost a bit dont they? At least he will remember your face.
Well guys i read all of the things that people write in this report forum. Some are funny and some are very informative, but when we read about these things it makes me wonder, why can't we all get along together. Well i don't usually comment on anything, but this time i feel i have too. i just want to say to all the people reading Unlucky Ducky's story, is that what you read is not always the whole truth! what i mean is there is always two sides to the story. Now don't get me wrong what Mr.Jerald did was wrong morally and ethically. I do not know him personally nor am i taking his side. But i do know there is more to this story than was said. there were witnesses to what went on after this story ended. now it's not my business to spread what went on but i will say this, these guys had a mean thing done to them, and yes it was very wrong. But they were not by any means ANGELS as they made themselves out to be, You know i am a person who tries to help my fellow sportsman in any way i can, If i am on ducks i will tell you where and how. If i have been seeing a Big Deer I don't mind letting him go, and helping someone else get him, to me thats what it's all about, especially for children. So i wonder how will people teach their children good sportsmanship when they themselves don't know what it means! In my opinion you guys should have walked away after the first talk. But you didn't, Did you? If we all would just think before we do things ( What Would Jesus Do ) And Don't get me wrong i am also guilty of not always doing this. WE would be much happier and enjoy the BLESSINGS he has given us TOGETHER! How can we ever have world peace, when we can't even get along with each other right here on the wax! Please think about what i'm saying. GOD BLESS AND GOOD HUNTING TO ALL !!
And i thought i had some butt holes hunting around me.
i dont know any of yall, but if whats said is true then i sware i woulda shot a hole in the bow of his boat
I didn't think you could build a blind on a wma.
bayouhunter1 I understand exactly what you are saying but he didn't have any right to touch thier blind.I know how they feel.Me and a buddy got permission to hunt a nice piece of marsh this year so we built a really nice blind last week.On Saturday morning we had a great hunt and were 1 short of a limit.
When we went back Sunday morning someone had destroyed our blind.Now if this has never been done to you then you have no idea how it feels.I cannot explain how pissed we were and can't imagine why someone would do this.Keep in mind we are hunting private property that only we have the right to hunt.There is another lease that borders where we hunt and there were other guys hunting Sat. morning.They are the only ones we could think would have done it but we still don't know why.Sure wish we would have caught them!
Oh, and I asure you there is only one part to this story!
Unlucky ducky, one way or another I hope you/yall did what needed to be done! nuff said!
I hunted on the east side of the wax and i hunt out of my boat,but what i saw appalled me.There were a group of three guys hunting out of a "pre-made blind" and there was a second blind that a buddy of mine built;as we have been hunting that flat for the last 5 years.As soon as the guys saw me they jumped into a go-devil and ran to my buddies blind and started pulling all the wax myrtles off.To make it worse our blind was there first and they are starring me down as i am basically idling in the channel.The BALLS of these guys.What can you do?Fight?Shoot it out?It feels like the wild west out there.
To Bird Dog, Yes i have had people destroy my blind, And it does make you very angry, but revenge is not the answer. it only lowers you to their standards. And you will end up in trouble. It's sad that people act in such a jealous way.
You would think someone with a Ph.D would have been smarter than that. He writes an article on how to hunt the wax for everyone in the state to see and expects the hunting to remain the same on the flats. Basically, he invited everyone out to the bay to hunt with him and now he thinks he's getting crowded. Should have kept his mouth shut, instead he had to brag on how good a delta hunter he is and now its biting him on the a##.
"My blind" on a public hunting WMA. When will ya'll learn? ANYONE can hunt in ANYONE's "blind" out there. Chris Cole hit it good when he said he hears more negativity come from that area than any other. That's why I'll never go out there. Too much crap to worry about. Ya'll can be as mad at Mr. Horst as you want to be. Technically, nothing was wrong with what he did; by law that is. Morally, yes, to some it was wrong. I know this will ruffle some feathers, but here goes anyway---If you make a "blind" on a WMA, aren't you supposed to dispose of it after the hunt? This is just like the Mottled duck and Black duck arguement--NEVER going to change.

Heres a something to think about for all you disrespectful jerks. If I go to a WMA and pitch a tent in the camping are and wake up that morning to go hunting and hunt all day. I return that night only to find someone sleeping in my tent. TECHNICALLY AND ACCORDING TO THE LAW AS YOU ALL SAY I have no right to make him leave!! Yes the tent is mine, I bought it as was the material to build the blind. But because it was UNOCCUPIED while I was hunting,so I have to just walk away. I guess just because I pitched a tent there doesnt reserve the spot for me. If I hauled firewood there for a fire and left it unattended while I hunted, according to you all, someone has the right to come right up and take it and use it for your own ie the way the brush was taken from the blind. Don't say its not the same because it is exactly the same. Laws such as these were implemented with the assumption that most hunters had morals,ethics and most of all common sense. Guess that leaves a lot of you out of that assumption.
Any of you ever heard the term Man Law. There are certain things you do & you don't as a man. Stealing brush or destroying a blind is not the act of a real man. I hope they are not pulling this sh#t in front of kids. I grew up hunting the wax. 15 years ago we had no problems down there. Today, I know very few local people that will hunt there. We've been run out by out of towners. You will never have to worry about seeing me out there again. Its a real shame to live so close to a great place and have it ruined by people that live somewhere else. It makes me want to go to Baton Rouge and build a big blind in the middle of University Lake.
I guess now the proximity of your home to the place you hunt comes into play wih your rights to hunt there. If I live closer to a restaraunt than you do and I have been eating there for years, you should get up from your table and give it to me if I walk in. Makes sense to me.
Way to put things in perspective. Anyone who would destroy or hunt out of another mans blind is a lazy scavenger in my eyes. I put them on the same level as a theif who loves to benifit off of someone elses hard work. It's even worse when they try to justify their immorality by quoting the law. HELL YEAH, MAN LAW!!!!! YOU CANT TELL ME THAT SOMEONE CAN DO THIS WITH A CLEAR CONCIENCE. IT'S WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some talk about claiming spots with a blind. Isn't that exactly what you are doing by tearing down someones blind???? "THIS IS MY SPOT, AND I'LL TEAR DOWN ANY BLIND THAT GOES UP HERE."
Why don't you leave your tent up all season and claim the spot as yours. Wonder how long your tent would be there? I know the Law says you can leave it up only for so many days. But atleast the law says you can, it doesn't say that about blinds.

Went to "MY SPOT" this morning, someone already had it. I moved to "MY SECONDARD SPOT" someone already had that too. But because "PUBLIC LAND" is public "MY SPOT" might just be "YOUR SPOT" or "SOMEONE ELSES SPOT". There is an awlful many hunters using public land and I suppose this is why you just can't claim a spot or Mark Your Territory with a permanent blind or structure!

Want to claim a spot, lease a pond and you shouldn't have this problem. But if you should, atleast the LAW will be on your side!

My 2 cents worth... Oh by the way Where is WAX LAKE?
hey mhelper i have been hunting to wax for 12 years and i am from baton rouge. lets set one thing clear i nor any one hunting with me would ever bash a blind nor do something to affect anyones hunting. i enjoy hunting at the wax yes it is a lot of work. and it makes me mad to see this happen much less here about it. what makes me mad is last year on opening weeked there was a group of boys i want call them men for how they acted. they braged about running through blinds that someone built and had just brushed up all because the blind was built 150 yards down wind of where they wanted hunt. "there gps spot" if you can't get out and scout yearly don't punish someone that did. this makes me mad as he--. and as for as being local i lived in morgan city for 20 years. the wax is a great place to hunt with a lot of work on your part, not someone elses. i drag 120 deks 200 yards in marsh plus materal to build a blind. yet i don't complain. with a 137,000 acres at bay every one can hunt and kill birds with a little work. what people need to start doing is to stand their ground when seeing things like mr.horst has done and let them this will not happen out here. because our children hunt with us a great time means every thing and good teaching. respect!!!! others
i think the topic has strayed away from the original point of the man destroying the blind that was made and not the fact that the men who built the blind were upset because someone was near it or hunting in it
Example #1 Some buddies & you go on a bachlor party weekend, you go home and tell your ole lady everything, everyone else did to make yourself look better.

Example #2 Running up on somebody else catching trout because your to lazy to find your own.

Example #3 Distroying someones duck blind, that took alot $ & effort to build.

You are right cncdodge there's alot of area out there, so much in fact I can't think of a reason to mess with someone else's blind.
Re-read my post. I never once in there used any possessive words indicating it was 'my spot' or 'my blind'. Instead, I used words such as 'the blind we built'. I also mentioned that 'other' people hunted that particular blind during the week when I can't hunt it. This is to be expected on public land. The good sportsmen that did hunt the blind kindly brought more brush to it instead of taking it away. After opening weekend, I fully expect someone else to attempt to be in the blind before I arrive. This is why I have back up plans.

To are right there is another side to the story, but its irrelevant to my point. No, we were not ANGELS. As I stated, many choice words were flying...none of which are suitable for this site. We had a right to be upset and no vengeance was taken. All that was asked was that he kindly rebuild the blind and all would be forgiven. Yes, Horst did apologize during the second altercation that he provoked, but insisted he was not guilty in the sense of law, therefore, refused to rebuild the blind. The man is a complete idiot with no class, no contribution to sportsmanship, and frankly is waste of space breathing my good oxygen. hit it on the head. It's hard for me to believe a man in a portable blind and a go-devil can be disturbed by anyone. If he wants peace and quiet, MOOOOVE!!!!
We had a similiar incident happen on the Mgt area we hunt. We prefer to hunt the middle of a pond versus a bank and had scouted several areas to stick bamboo and myrtle to make our go-devil "blind". Unfortunately, this apparently po's the bank hunters as when we went to the pond we wished to hunt at 2am Saturday, to our amazement it was as if the Enterprise had "beamed up" our blind as not a branch or leaf remained. We searched the surrounding marsh and whoever tore it down, also took the time to remove it. Now fellas, this was no easy task. It took us 6 weekends of cutting and driving and sicking our ALL NATURAL materials in the mud. While what was done, as indicated by UD, apparently is not against the law. Now the blind we built was in a large pond and if any bank hunters beat us to the area we would go to another spot and they could hunt that pone. This has happened and I know that ducks WERE killed so the blind was not negatively affecting anyone's hunt, other than those too lazy to get up early enough to beat us into the pond! I can PROMISE you that if we catch the people responsible (yes we know who they are, or at least their boat) it is not going to be a fun day for them. Beat me to the pond but don't destroy what another man built within the law. What the *&^% has happened to RESPECT?
I hate hunting the wax because of this, but it is all I have. This is the reason I have a boat blind now. I still build a blind to break up the boat but it doesn't have to be so thick and it is easy to relocate if need be. The weekend before opening weekend we built a blind. Came back the Friday before the opener to find our blind heavily brushed up. Believe me I thought about pulling it up, but I didn't, probably should have but didn't. Didn't want to worry about getting to the blind opening day and having someone in there before me, because I know they were coming. I had an idea of the flight patterns of the birds and built a new blind a few hundred yards away. It was a better spot, but that didn't make what those lazy people done right. I hope they had a horrible hunt.
I've been there long enough to know a lot of people have no respect, so I try to keep as mobile as possible.
on the right, down the cut,
It would be so much easier if "BLINDS" were just done away with on PUBLIC LAND. Say what you will but building a "BLIND" on PUBLIC LAND is claiming a spot end of story.
Unlucky Duck, I just got my new LSM today and they got another story about the Wax and your hunting buddy. He must be friends with the editor.
Here is a direct cut and paste from LADWF's website.

"Construction of and/or hunting from permanent tree stands or permanent blinds on WMAs is prohibited. Any permanent stand or permanent blind will be removed and destroyed. A permanent blind is any blind using non-natural materials or having a frame which is not dismantled within two hours after the end of legal shooting time each day. Blinds with frames of wood, plastic, metal poles, wire, mesh, webbing or other materials may be used but must be removed from the WMA within two hours after the end of legal shooting time each day. Blinds made solely of natural vegetation and not held together by nails or other metallic fasteners may be left in place but cannot be used to reserve hunting locations. All decoys must be removed from the WMA daily. Permanent tree stands are any stands that use nails, screws, spikes, etc. to attach to trees and are strictly prohibited. Portable deer stands (those that are designed to be routinely carried by one person) may not be left on WMAs unless the stands are removed from trees and left in a non-hunting position (a non-hunting position is one in which a hunter could not hunt from the stand in its present position). Also, all stands left must be legibly tagged with the user's name, address, phone numberand Big Game Hunting License number (or Lifetime License number). No stand may be left on any WMA prior to the day before deer season opens on that WMA and all stands must be removed from the WMA within one day after the close of deer hunting on that WMA. Free standing blinds must be disassembled when not in use. Stands left will not reserve hunting sites for the owner or user. All portable stands, blinds, tripods, etc. found unattended in a hunting position or untagged will be confiscated and disposed of by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. LDWF not be responsible for unattended stands left on area."

I for one, will not hunt out of or destroy anyones "blind" on public land. However if that pond/spot where the birds are and want to be, I will hunt that spot,as long as I am there first. It's PUBLIC LAND, we all own it.

I like many other people spend hours scouting and marking areas where birds are holding. If someone gets to the same spot before I do then shame on me. that's why I always have 3-4 back spots.

FYI, it is illegal to enter a WMA before 3a.m. unless otherwise stated.
This is simply ridiculous. 10 years ago everyone built there own blind and there were no problems. Now you have to show up to the blind that you built at 3:00 A.M. in order to hunt it. Like it was mentioned earlier, there's 137,000 acres. Find a spot with no blinds and build your own blind. Don't take advantage of someone else's work. After shooting hours, see an empty blind, jump in it.

Blinds aren't the problem. Its the people with the total lack of respect thats the problem. I understand its public land, but when there's 137,000 acres there's plenty of room to find your own spot and brush your own blind. There's more than enough room.

Most of the time when one person does well at the wax so does the next person. When one person does poorly, so does the next person. There's always a couple exceptions to the rule, but most of the time there are similar numbers of ducks throughout the management area. Pick a spot any spot with water, and you'll probably fare as well as everyone else.

Then we could all get along and arrive an hour before shooting hours to set up rather than 3 hours before shooting hours to make sure you have a place to hunt. When everyone built their own blind, there were no problems. So I think its the newcomers to the area that refuse to build blinds or that destroy other hunters' blinds that are the problem.

My opinion of the out of towners is that they don't go down before the seaosn to brush a blind so they just hunt someone elses. I've been in Oklahoma since May. I'm planning on making a hunt out there Friday. If my brother-in-law didn't get out there to brush a blind, I'll wait until shooting hours before finding an empty spot before setting up.

Locals go out there and build their own blind before the season, thats the problem.

I'm new to the area here in Oklahoma. I foudn a WMA holding ducks. I spent my first day watching where everyone else was hunting before I even took my gun out of the truck. Now I found a couple places that aren't hunted. I may shoot a few less ducks, but I'd much rather do that than ruin it for another group.

I actually decided to hunt a pond that other people were hunting. Rather than getting there early and beating them to the blind, I got there early and waited for them at the parking lot and joined them for a hunt.
If we were camping in a campground on a WMA next to each other and I was not in my tent, you gonna pull it down and take "my spot"?
If we aren't allowed to build a blind then where in the HELL we supposed to hunt. I guess I'll invent that new water camoflage in bay color to disguise myself against the color of the water. Get Real.

Bottom line is "don't hunt a blind if you didn't build it or were given permission to hunt it and don't build one too close (~300 yds) to another blind. As stated earlier, there is 137,000 acres to hunt on at Wax Lake. Don't STEAL brush from another blind if you didn't cut it yourself or given permission to take it off.

Ya'll realize we are just giving the wardens fuel for the fire and pretty soon they'll be knockin over all the blinds and it just won't be feasible to hunt that area unless you have some sort of boat blind.

To the person that sited the regulation: I guess you've never broken the speed limit either, RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could you imagine the chaos if no one built a blind and everyone had a boat blind.

You'd have no idea where anyone was planning on hunting. You'd have 30 boats show up to the same pond at 3:00 A.M. and with no photo finish there will be an argument as to who got there first.

I appreciate it when I show up to one of my favorite spots and see a blind in it. Now I know someone is planning on hunting it and I find another location with no blind.

You think its bad now, ban blind building all together in a place with no natural vegetation to hide in, and wait until opening morning, nothing but chaos.

Everyone can quote the laws all they want. The fact is its 100% legal to brush an all natural blind on the WMA, period. So you aren't even bending the law by brushing one, you're abiding by the law. Now if everyone would abide by the "Man Law" and show everyone else some respect EVERYONE would have an enjoyable experience.
Thank you Mr. Wiggins and BigBuck!!! WELL SAID. I've hunted the Wax for the past 13yrs or so and this year has been the worst for this mine,yours and ours thread. I leased a blind this year on the east side and have been hunting there,not killing as many birds but it sure is a lot more peaceful and less dangerous. The danger part comes in when traveling the outlet out to the Delta, people have GPS's and don't understand that these are not hand held radars,traveling a high speeds, wrong side of the cut, etc, OK I need to stop before my blood pressure gets too high.
...not a duck hunter...all I know that they go "quack"...but what's wrong with using all boat blinds that are assigned to two RR timbers about 10 ft apart stick'n up w/a number on it...each spot spaced 4 or 500 yrds apart...the state could raffle these spots...but you better have that same number on 'ya permit !!!...has anything like that ever been done ???...guess there would be complaints about that also ???...UGH !
sink HIM and dont say a word!!
Everyday I read these same type of messages. Spend a little money and lease a blind!! Hard to believe that people are that hard up to KILL a duck.....
There has to be some kind of system that everyone can follow. So you've hunted the same great pond for 15 years, and had awesome success. Thats great for you, and you have a blind there, and you hunt it three to four times per week. I am all for that and do not believe someone should encroach you or tear your blind down and enact legislation to prevent you from doing so. BUT HERE IS THE CATCH! The other three to four days per week YOU and no one else should be responsible for alerting the rest of the public that no one is hunting that blind that day, so that the rest of us know that piece of public hunting land is open and unoccupied even though you put your blind in it. If we could get some sort of uniform signal or marker, we would have zero problems. Or at least, a starting point for some enforcement, and people on both sides of the issue would have some common ground.
I think the reality of this is it's hunting!!! Just for the record my favorite spots in the wax where spots found do to someone being in my original favorite "spot!" If we all can't get along then they might go to some sort of lottery which I for one would hate to see! I love the wax!! 9 out of ten times my buddies and I limit out there because we are willing to work. It's not uncommon for us to walk dragging decoys, guns, etc. and I for one love it. My other main hunting area is Big Branch NWR and if you think it's any different your wrong. DOn't make it sound like the WAX is the only place this happens! Just for the record I was hunting with a buddy one time and had a father and son come into the pond. We were set up on the other side from a previously made blind. The dad comes over and shows the blind with his spotlight and asked my buddy and I if we would like to join him in the blind!! What an awesome hunt!!! Made a new buddy and shot birds.. Open water is different but if you think you have to hunt open water only to kill ducks at the wax I laugh at you!!! It's PUBLIC land which is like your PUBIC hair, it's all great till it's gone and all you got is an itch!!
For some reason, many hunters have a hard time grasping the concept of public property. Public means public, people. Just because you built a blind out there doesn't entitle you to any part of it at any given time. Get that concept into your heads, those of you who think otherwise.

Now with that said, I have built boat blinds out of wax myrtle at the Wax. Yes, it is a major undertaking. With that said, I agree with the author. This gentleman in his portable boat blind is, in effect, trying to CLAIM that entire flat as his personal hunting spot. While legally sound, his practice is just as unethical as someone building a blind and trying to say they now own the area around it as their personal private lease. Were he a gentleman, he'd have left the blind standing, hunted right next to it or in it, made his hunt and left it for the next person. That would have been the right thing to do, and the right thing for a hunter discovering someone hunting next to or in their blind on public property would be to find another place to hunt. Again, grasp the subject line.

Yes, there is plenty of acreage at the Wax. Yet the truth must be told. The ducks favor certain spots and flyways along the splays and savvy hunters know this. So, effectively, there really isn't as much acreage as it would appear.
I like the idea of putting a pole in the ground with a permit number.

As far as something in place, this is what Oklahoma does:

1. Have a meeting in September everyone that wants a blind shows up.
2. Everyone's name is put in a hat, as your name is drawn you pick a spot on the map where you want your blind.
3. You get a permit and must construct your blind within 25 yards of the spot marked on the map 2 weeks before hunting season or that permit will be removed.
4. Before 7:30 in the morning you have the rights to that blind. After 7:30 its fair game.
5. The permit is attached to the blind and you have one in your possession to show ownership, so there will be no disputes as to who's blind it is. If someone removes the permit, you will have lat. long. coordinates on your permit.

** the blind cannot be within 250 yards of another blind. The blind must be dismantled at the end of the season, or you will lose your permit rights in the following year.

Also to reduce the number of permits you may be able to adopt some clause that you have to put two hunter's names on a permit.

I'd be willing to pay another $20 or so if they would enact a system like this to ensure that you had a place to hunt and you wouldn't have to leave at 3:00 A.M. just to make sure you can take advantage of your own hard work.

This really too simple to be enforced in Louisiana though. It makes too much sense and works too well.

What's funny is we've pretty much been following these guidelines before I moved here and read them. We've done fairly well at 1 particular spot at the wax over the years. However, when things do get slow we find a place with no blind. If ducks are only holding in areas that have blinds, we wait until daylight before venturing out and finding an empty spot.

I have no hard feelings towards anyone that shows up to an empty blind after shooting hours and decides to hunt it.

The problems is we hunt a large sandbar that on high tide may have 3 ft. of water and on low tide may have 2" of water. A boat blind will not cut it. Are we supposed to drag our myrtles out there on low tide when we can't reach it by boat for 1/4 miles across mud??

Its not so much about reserving THAT spot (although I can see how that arguement is somewhat valid) but its about having A blind to hunt out of. If someone jumps in the blind I built and will point me in the direction of the blind they brushed, I'll gladly hunt another location. But I'm not the type of person to show up to my blind at 4:30 in the morning and when I find someone in it, just move on and beat someone else to their blind. Then we spend a couple hours waiting on daylight to find a spot with no hunters.

But I think most of us will agree that ripping down another person's hard work is blatantly wrong no matter what the law states. Everyone should email Dr. Horst at lsu and demand a public apology and for him to admit that what he did was wrong, and he should rebuild the blind.

Or everytime we pass by his camp just ask him if he tore down any blinds lately. I think he'll get the message loud and clear and no one should ever resort to shooting holes in people's boats over a duck blind. While it may be tempting at the time, it should never be an option. I'd be willing to bet that just letting him know how outraged the duck hunting community is over his actions would be enough to prevent him from doing so again.
Henry...I'am like anyone else that can come-up w/general ideas...but you do have the details !!!...gonn'a start call'n you "Waltzing Matilda"...seems like your plan should satisfy 90 % of the "birds"...without stepping on their "web" toes !!!...sometimes Louisiana is just out of step ???...cheers
Just read my LSM and the article on Mr. Horst, he states that he likes to hunt where no one is around him, if so how can he pointed out as a problem man in the Wax Outlet. Sounds like to me, he is hunting where no one wants to go????

Question- is it really 20 miles from hwy 90 to the Wax outlet.
13 miles to the campground/ houseboat moorings
i show 12.2 miles on gps from house boat mooring to calumet landing. i also built a boat blind this year, much better than building one, tides and weather. we have been killing our limit for most of the season so far.
Now if this has never been done to you then you have no idea how it feels.I cannot explain how pissed we were and can't imagine why someone would do this.Keep in mind we are hunting private property that only we have the right to hunt.

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