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How far do you lead and what shot size??

Ok, after reading a lot of studies on steel shot and doing a field test of my own I wanted to ask the question.
How far do you lead a duck crossing over your decoys, say he is flying 30 mph and is about 30 yards away??

Also, what shot size and choke do you guys use.

I started off with #2 now I shoot #6 and am going to try #7. My brother didn't believe me about the #6's until he saw me crushing every bird up to 40 yards. I can't hit anything farther than that anyway so why have a load that can knock them down after a range I can't hit at?

So, I did a little test. I took a target with layers of cardboard and shot different shot sizes into it up to 40 yards, guess what shot sized penetrated the deepest, #6!! I was shocked!! I'm shooting #6 shot with an IC choke.

As for the lead, I usually miss those crossing shots, my best shot is either comming or going, or passing overhead. I aim at the tip of the bill on a crossing shot and I think I'm shooting behind them?
I use #3 or #4 with a Carlson extended modified choke. On a crossing shot with that combo, I usually put the bead just in front of the bill and that is usually crumples them pretty good. It really depends on the speed of your shells as well. I shoot 1 1/8 oz loads and they are traveling 1550-1560 fps. Some of your heavier loads are only 1200-1300 fps. It doesn't sound like much of a difference, but it does add up.
It is hard to find but I bought a case at bass Proshop in Jackson, MS.
Kent fastseal 3 in magnum 1 1/8 of shot # 6. Shooting much better this year.
I shoot # 2 in my 10 guage if I can ever find it..# 2's in 10 guage are tough to find believe it or not. ( seldom use the 10 guage though)
The math says 2.6 ft at 1500fps and 3.1 ft at 1300fps.

I don't agree with using #6's and #7's, especially at 40 yard (120 feet), patterns might be dense but will not have enough Energy Density to cleanly kill big ducks, like the mallards.

What ever patterns best at the range you'll be shooting. Also, the brand ammo makes a difference in patterns from different guns.

I recommend #2's as back up shots, #3's or 4's for decoy and pass shooting.

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it!
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It is very hard for me to calculate lead when shooting a moving target. I always had a problem of looking at the bead of the gun and taking my eye of off the target, which in turn causes me to stop my swing, and usually resulted in a miss. That was until I was given a Christmas present that completely turned my shooting around. It's called Shoot Where You Look. This guy named Leon Measures wrote a book about wing shooting and wrote out a plan that taught you to concentrate on focusing on the target as it moves and then your lead is built in. Take a look into it, they have a website. For shells, look at Tungsten Matrix from Kent.