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Any comments on the "Gulp Live" bait? Have seen it but cannot bring myself to pay that price!! I do just fine with the Hybird's...
It really works
The gulp baits are very expensive but they really do work. We fished on a cold day after a front and the fishing was very slow. Shrimp on the bottom was producing a few reds but nothing exciting. We had just bought a few bags of the gulp and decided now was a perfect time to test these smelly baits out. Well the gulp baits outfished the shrimp by an unbelievable margin. It was amazing to see. I have several other firsthand stories. Having a few bags on the boat is never a bad thing.
I don't find the gulps any better than the plastics I use, (HH cocaho, Salt water assasin, sparkle beatle).Wife and I fished side by side Friday she had a gulp minnow and I had a chartruse cocaho tail both on a 1/4 oz head, both tipped with with fresh shrimp under a cork.(No Shrimp, no bite)We both caught about the same amount, varity and same size fish. The gulp also becomes petrified on the jig head between trips.
Thanks for the input. When I first fished this area I just knew that "live" had to be the way to go!! Boy was I wrong...more fish on plastic than live.

The "GULP" I'm refering to is the one in a small bucket filled with liquid and costing 19.00 plus dollars.
Gulp shrimp
I have caught fish on the gulp when they wouldn't hit anything else . I've also had trips where plastics were the ticket and they didn't want the gulp.
Like i said in a previous post , The gulp line of products should be looked at as another tool in your tackle box to help you catch fish.
PRICE worth it.
Let me ask you these questions: How much did you pay for your boat? What do you spend on just fuel for you boat and vehicle on a fishing trip (not counting food &drinks)? I think the little extra money for the gulp is pointless.
I use the GULP a lot. On a bag of 6 for the 3" or bag of 4 for the 4" you can catch anywhere (becasue the bait starts to come apart) 20-40 trout. The cost of the bag of either is 6-7 dollars with tax.
Your thinking and my thinking are different. On MY income ( retired military) 19.00+ for a small bucket of bait in some sort of liquid is a little high. I do use the bagged plastic baits, Gulp,Hybrid,Dudleys, DOA.
Was just wondering if anybody had tried, the apparently new, Gulp in the small bucket. I believe they come in a soft shell crab and shrimp. I have seen them at Wally World and Academy.
Berkely Gulp
Find Redeye's post on here. They commented about 25 times on the use of the Gulps.
Personally, I have used it up against a Bayou Chub and could not tell any difference IMO.
The ones in a bucket and the ones in the bags are the same.Your just buying bulk in the bucket.They produced in Lafitte when nothing else would last weekend.
Mmmmm good
Buy the little "bucket" one time and as you use the Gulps, put your regular baits in the solution to soak...Personally, I prefer Dudley's baits---I used to spray them with WD-40,,now I just "soak em" in that Gulp crap...Just like puttin' gravey on really good mashed potatoes...!!
Gulp Alive
Man, the first time I used them, the Specs were trying to pull the pole out of my hands when they hit. They would hit it that hard. I even caught a 2 pound Sand Trout. After that first time, it's been hit or miss with the Gulp. I think it's like any other bait, the color matters. The first time I used them, I used the New Penny color Shrimp in 4 inch. The next time, they wouldn't touch it so I switched to Molten Shrimp in 3 inch and they tore that up. The only problem is that they are so soft. I catch a couple of fish and the bite the tip off and start over. I even turn them around after the head is all beat up and hook them through the tail. I can catch about 5 to 8 fish per bait like that. After I used all the baits out of the bucket, I started soaking my split tails in the juice and they work good too..

Hope that helps.
beetle has been working for many years
Been fishing for many years over 60. The beetle split tail under a cork or bounced off the bottom is hard to beat in my books. Real cheap and you can catch a limit on one bait. Have a friend with a camp in Venice on our last trip one of the ex guides was with us for the week end. We put the split tail Chartreuse on and caught our limit in no time. Guide said I have a hundred of these old baits and stop using them. Glad I had a ton with me. Clear, glow and Chartreuse is all you need. When it is cold fish about a foot deeper than normal if the water is dirty fish a very short leader. Most of the time 18" under a cork is good. Just bouncing it off the bottom is hard to beat when it is cold in deep water. Use it and save a lot of money and have fun.
sing with the "Beetle" time around hook the split-tail on will look like two little legs faceing forward...and hang-on...cheers
well I'll share another split tail secret
First - some areas Point Aux Chene in particular I slay the trout on the little split tails in advocado and red fleck. I've stood next to a dozen people and been the only one catching on those little guys.

Also when you see grass shrimp popping in the marsh do a tandem rig with a split tail (or a cocahoe) on the bottom and a panfish assassin (black and pearl) on the top. I've caught 4lb trout on that combo and watched a guy pull in a 7lber with it. I use th cocohoe primarily to give it a little weight for casting purposes. This seems to be most effective in the Spring although I caught a half dozen trout last week in wonder lake with it before I lost my only set (don't leave your tackle box at home).

Thought about using the gulp bucket to soak my own - thanks for the info everyone.
Proof is in the picture
Do a search under fishing reports and type in berkley gulp shrimp. My report shoule come up with a picture of 50 nice trout we caught several day ago using mainly the gulp baits.
Agree with CaptJS, split tail beatle is hard to beat under a cork. I dont care much for the Gulp baits; 1) over priced 2) might as well buy live bait (i dont fish live bait) 3) Hybrids sound like a pretty good choice to me
Trout fishing isn't rocket science, get a bait that you have confidence in and fish the hell out of it, it will produce fish... I bought a pack of Gulp shrimp and they have dried up in my tackle box while ive been catching fish on all my other baits lol.....
Good luck man...
Berkley Gulp
OK, Let's do the math------------
Berkley Gulp $1.15 each May catch 3 fish before destruction
Split tail Beetle $.15 each May catch 15 fish B D
Bayou Chub $.25 each May catch 10 fish BD
Deadly Dudley $.25 each May catch 10 BD

All these lures fished under a popping cork WILL catch trout.
You get you one of dem "scare" shirts and a new boat with all the sponsor logo on the side looking really pretty like you bees da best fishing person on de bayou----fish Gulps

If you bees a regular ever day fishin' person jest wantin to catch a few of dem trouts fer supper---use the others

Of course, with this comment as all others I make, they are strickly my Honest Opinion and I denounce all liability and claims.
Capt. John L., I don't know why you think that a Berkley Gulp can only catch three fish before its destroyed. I caught over 20 this weekend on a Gulp under a cork and it was still ready to catch another 20. It may cost $1 a piece, but its way tougher than any other lure you listed, esp. the Bayou Chubs.
Capt John, I think Blackjacker just challenged you to a fish-off. I seem to recall a similar challenge from a Capt Rob "Redbone" Martin.

Blackjacker with the Gulp, Capt John with the Chub.

I use both baits with success. To me, it's all about finding the fish. I usually use live bait, but if we get into a lot of undersize fish, or fishing the birds, I will switch to a gulp or chub. I hate to feed 10" trout with .25c shrimp!!!
Capt. john,he isn't used to catching the kind of trout you speak of tearing up those baits.I second the opinion.Gulp baits do not last very long on my hooks either.I do think the dudleys last a little more that 10 fish though.Hows about them $2.00 a piece shrimps I had last weekend?haha,didn't catch a one fish with them.
Live bait
With the price of live minnows going up in the Montegut area I might have to switch over to using soft plastics more often. Think I'll get Rev. Redfish to make me up a couple after witnessing him put six trout in the boat before I got the boat set and a minnow in the water. Guess its just what you are comfortable using.
overly kind
Well as another commentor said - its about finding fish.

I always catch fish with the Director but I do prefer fishing plastic and I am very fond of using tandem rigs they just flat out work.
Live Bait
I dont know about you guys, but I eat my shrimp for supper the night before I go fishing. lol
Never really saw the point in feeding fish something that I can eat, especially when I can catch them on artificial. I get two meals to some of yall's one... maybe thats why I need to go on a diet lol just joking!!!
Dudley vs. Chub: Dudley lasts longer but you get better action from the chub. It just depends on what you want.
Gulp: I have 3 packs for sale to the highest bidder!!!! Hell i will probably just give them away to the next boat that asks what we were catching them on!
6 one way and 1/2 dozen the other
tomatoe,,, tomahtoe