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20% increase on shells???

i was in Puglia's the other day looking at some stuff and one of the guys told me that starting January all boxes of shells are going up 20%!! if this is true i'm going soon to get a few cases to finish the year and have some for next year. just curious though, when yall buy cases what brand do yall get?? my gun only shoot 3in. so i was thinking KENT 3in. 3 shot. what do yall think?
I'm shooting Kent Fasteel 3" #3's right now, like them so far this season. I'd go ahead and get some no matter what, they're not going to get any cheaper. So it really doesn't matter if it's 20% or 2%, buy now, save later! The chinese and other foreign markets are buying up all the raw materials, steel, copper, tungsten, etc. so everything keeps costing more $$$

thanks china!
Yes, prices have been going UP. In September prices increased anywhere from 10-20%. The cost of lead, plastic, copper, and the chemicals needed to produce powder has been skyrocketing. The cost of fuel hasn't helped any, either. Many munitions manufacturers had stockpiles of raw materiels and tried to ride it out, but those stockpiles have drastically diminished, sooooooo.......
Also, in case nobody noticed, there is a war going on in the mideast. The commercial manufacturers have had to take up the slack of the now closed Gubment armorys.
So, yes. Price have gone up and are going to continue till whenever.