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Mangroves here - Reds Coming

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This past week we had Kevin and his two sons from Iowa. They drove all the way down to try the fishing that they had heard so much about.

Once at Grand Isle, they fished Friday with Gary Harp since we had a break down on the little boat. They managed some nice reds with a speck here and there and a few flounder to top off the box.

Saturday they found themselves on the Hydra Sport, watching a beautiful sunrise over the Gulf. Mangroves were hte beast of the day. These guys echoed the sentiments of many when they proclaimed just how hard these fish fight for their size. We managed to put together a nice box of fish between watching the Manta Rays play and feeding the Hammerhead sharks.

BIG NEWS >>>>>>> I had saved the opening Sunday of snapper season for the family at mama's request. We found out that she is going to have to work. The opening Sunday of snapper season is now open if a group wants to fill the date. If no groups, we will entertain filling the day with walk-ons.

If you are interested .................. Reel Screamers Guide Service Grand Isle, LA. 225-937-6288