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More Good Old Days

Just a few more pics. Also, was looking at my journal form Jan 15th, 2001, and thought you duck hunters would enjoy the "story". Here's my notes:

January 15th, 2001. 11:00 to 3:00. Me, Blake(12), William (12) and Stephen (10). Today's hunt: 2 GW Teal. Season total: 185 Weather: rain, high of 55 degrees, wind 10-12 knots.

"Kids are great. Take 'em out in the rain, make them expend enormous effort, have them sit and wait in the steady rain for 3 hours with little or no action, and they tell you what a great time it was! William shot his first duck, a green wing teal, and had a great time. He and Blake missed a few shots a teal ... who could blame them?

The ducks flared when they got within 75 yards of us. We could not get but 3 ducks to decoy, perhaps they saw us, perhaps the Wonder Duck spooked them. the mallards (200-300) we jumped returned, but only to light about 300 yards north. Stephen shot the .410 at a teal on the water - it escaped. He push-poled the entire way back to the tracks - made me walk! All in all, we had great fun, and the kids want to go back tomorrow!"

That season we ended up with 245 ducks. Boy, do I miss it!

That middle one is a great picture.
Redfish, since you liked the other sunrise, figured you might like this one, too. Reelfoot Lake, TN, about 2 years ago.
All of those would be framed on my office wall.