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Silver Lab ?

A friend of mine is looking to get a "silver" labrador retreiver and asked me if I knew anything about them. I looked at the pics on and read a little about them but something just doesn't look right. It looks like a crossbreed between a lab and a Weimaraner. Does anyone know about this breed and is it pure or a mix? Also, does AKC or other registering clubs recognize it?
silver labs
looked into them last year. They are beautiful dogs. TO my understanding, they are pure labs just a very recessive trait. I think they are just as intelligent as other colors. However, AKC does not recognize them last I checked. I actually rathered the charcoal color. They are very cool looking.
There is no such thing as a silver lab.

AKC only recognizes 3 colors Yellow, Black, Chocolate.

Any 'registered silver lab' is a fake and you should steer clear.
No such thing
He's correct, only 3 recognized labs...chocolate, black, and yellow. If some is telling you they have a registered silver lab, you need to walk away.
They are no where near as smart as a Lab, because they are not pure lab.
Not a lab
As others have said, they are mutts and not labs. Weimaraner + Lab =/= Lab. stay away from them. Reputable lab breeders will all tell you this.

Read this:
Re: Silver Lab ?
I noticed in 2 post about silver labs, users linked in both post. anyone had a experience with this breeder? good or bad? thanks