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Hunting is almost over / Fishing must begin

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Hunting season is coming to an end, so sportsmen must find something to do with their time. First; clean all of the guns, hunting clothes, boots, and any other equipment that may have been used. Two; tell the wife, or husband, hello and goodbye, because its time to start fishing.
Fishing has been slow on the coast, but steady. The winds and cold temps have kept most at port. Maybe in the near future the weather will give us a break and allow us to cast some lines and put a few fish in the box.
Went to Hackberry this weekend with some friends (Brandon & Doug Frey)and killed a few ducks and caught some fish. The blast and cast that we have done over the winter has been fair, but the winds kept us from most of the cast.
Give me a call or e-mail if you would like to book a trip for the '08 season.

Capt Frank
(Laid Back Charter)