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Lost in Maurepas Swamp WMA

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Enforcement Division agents rescued Mitchell Guist, 43, of Gonzales, on the St. James track of the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area on Dec. 27.

At approximately 8 p.m., agents received a call that a truck and boat trailer had been parked at the Grand Point Boat Launch all day. The truck license plate was checked with LDWF Dispatch, who notified the agents that the truck belonged to Guist. Agents contacted his residence and were told by family members that he had not checked in and had not returned any phone calls.

Agents immediately conducted a search in the surrounding swamp near the vessel location. Around 11 p.m., approximately 1 1/2 miles from where the boat was found, agents heard shouting from the waters edge. Guist was located by a small fire he had built for warmth. Guist told agents he had gotten lost while hunting and had to stop walking when it got dark because he did not have a flashlight.

Agents returned Guist to his boat and followed him in to the boat launch. Agents contacted LDWF Dispatch, who notified his family he had been located.
Agents involved in the search and rescue were Sgt. Aron Hastings and Senior Agent William Boyd.

Nice to hear about the happy ending.
no matter how good you are
this is one track of deer hunting land that will get the best of any hunter.. even when you are close to a road it's hard to walk in and out.. when you get up into the cypress trees the cars from the interstate sound like they are coming from all directions.. at least he had a way to light a fire..
Compass and GPS
I knwo how that swamp is, it is best to carry a good compass and a gps with fresh batterys. Even if I have been in the same area 10 times I still carry gps and a compass.

Good to hear they got him out before he had to sleep out there.
No Way
Just carry a compass. And if you plan on coming out after dark you need a light to read the compass. Come on now city slickers. Usually a compass doesn't lie......Remember that
been telling ya'll
been telling ya'll for years that there swamp is tough. Compass, GPS always. Flashlight if you're making an afternoon hunt. I usually do not hunt afternoon out there.