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Sons first hog @ Porky's Paradise

Just wanted to post a report after seeing a bunch of questions about places for kids to hunt hogs. My 6 year old got his first hog today. After hunting with me this year and not seeing anything I told him I would bring him to place with some hogs. We had a great time, and it was a nice place. It was worth every penny. We got to see hogs from the stand and try our luck at spot and stalk. The hogs have plenty of room to run and spots to hide so it was a great time. His little .223 single shot did the job @ 25 yards. Hog didnt take a step. Just flipped clean over into a muddy hog wallow.
great job
Tell him CONGRADS, that is a nice looking hog and I bet he is hooked for life.

Are you planning to euopean mount his hogs skull to put in his room? I did that with my sons first and that is the first thing he drags everyone to see in his room when they visit.
Great job on that hog! The only thing missing is a little face paint! That's the way my son started and now he wants to hunt everything. Congratulations on you first kill and I hope you and your dad have many more.
It my fault
I'll admit I forgot the paint but when I reminded him he was mad that he didnt get bloody. It was sunday and he had school this morning so we didnt have much time to mess around after he shot one.
Just curious, what is the going rate for that place? Like how much and how many hogs? And do you have any contact info, Ive been wanting to get some meat. Also is it worth it? Thanks in advance
Good Job
Looks like the 223 did the job. Congrats.

I wonder how was more excited Daddy or Little Man?

I love the idea of the european mount and look forward for my little guy to get something to mount.
Brad at Porky's Paradise 337-224-7050 Egan,La

Its 150 for any hog up to 150#'s I dont know the prices after that.

For my son to shoot his first hog and hook him on hunting it was worth every penny. He had to work for his hog because he bumped his chair and they scattered. He didnt even breath hard when they finally came back.
It wasnt fair chase since they were fenced but they are wild and skittish. If they see you they are gone but the little ones will come back and if you wait long enough the big ones will follow. The hogs over 150 you would probably have to stalk. Most of these hogs are born and raised their and you dont get big hanging around the corn during the day.
Great Job
I just made a bow hunt there last Friday. It's a blast stalking the big ones around. Brad's a great down to earth guy. We only shot one hog but we seen the whole herd 100+ that were there. they only have about 10 big ones left (120
#'s and up). If you take a gun, you should have no problem getting one. With a bow you better be pretty good if you want a decent one. I took my recurve and if I had my compound I could have taken a 100# hog @ 30 yards. Well worth the drive to have some fun and get some meat.
First hog
Congratulations! I remember the day I killed my first hog. Biggest hog of my life. My trigger never looked back since. I hope its the same for him!

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