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College Student in Need of Help

I am a Junior at The University of Louisiana Lafayette. I am not originally from Lafayette and I have grown up fishing Lake Pontchartrain, Hopedale and the Rigolets. I have decided to try to stay in Lafayette this summer and take summer school. The thing that is aggrivating me most about staying here this summer is not knowing where to catch redfish and trout around here and with the price of gas its way to expensive to make the 3 hour drive to the places where I know how to fish. Any info on pointing me in a general direction would be great Im not asking for your hot spots but with a little direction and my G.P.S. I feel as though I can make something happen.. I fish out of a 21 foot boat...
You should get to know the Vermillion Bay area this summer. It is not very difficult to learn but can be difficult to consistently make good catches. The most important variable specific to the area is the Atchafalya River at Butte La Rose and it should be below 10 feet for optimal Speck fishing.
I typically launch from Cypermort Point and head to Marsh Island for reds and in summer try the reefs just offshore for Specks. These being Tee-Butte, Diamond Reef, Nikkel Reef (LDWF has GPS coordinates for Nikkel. The rigs offshore are very productive in the summer but I rarely make the trip in my 21 foot bay boat, that is just me. You can shot me an e-mail if you want to talk some more or possibly plan a trip together just to help you learn the area.
I would learn the area around vermilon bay. I fish the bay very often and I am always looking for someone to fish with. I am a teacher/coach/fisherman. I have a 19 foot bay boat on the canal 7 miles from the bay. I also do alot of freshwater fishing around the area for bass mostly. If you get some free time write back and maybe we could go wet a line.
Hi, duck slayer,

From NOLA myself but lived in Lafayette for 5 years. Best fishing I found was out of Hackberry. Lakes off the ship channel can produce some monster specs and Big Lake has spots for reds, flounders, etc. I struggled at Vermilion. Water stays pretty muddy there.

Caught a 9 lb spec south of Hackberry the week before the Star ended back in 2003. Unfortunately, a slightly larger fish was first place on the board and a youngster was in second unless I entered mine. I wasn’t fishing for second so I withdrew my fish. Proprietor at the weigh-in shop gave us a cold 6 pack for withdrawing which was very nice. He knew the youngster.

Good luck! Be happy to point out some map locations to fish if you decide to try Hackberry.