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Ammunition Serial Numbers

I found this interesting article on the Buckmasters Website and thought I would share it with all, it's titled "Legislators Want Your Ammunition"

By Daniel Dye

-- Fellow hunters and shooters take notice. Our firearm rights are under attack. However, the issue at hand has nothing to do with eliminating access to hunting land or imposing minimum age limits for hunters.

This time the threat comes in the form of bullet serialization. The manufacturing process of bullet serialization is where each bullet and its casing is laser engraved with a matching serial number.

As early as 2009, if legislation is passed in a number of states currently discussing these bills, our reality could include the surrendering of our currently legal, non-serialized ammunition; a colossal jump in ammunition costs for individuals, law enforcement and the military; an end to reloading ammunition altogether; a tax on each round of ammunition. This will also potentially cost ammunition companies boatloads of money to convert their manufacturing processes.

Additionally, our personal information and the ammunition serial numbers will be added to a database. We will be forever tied to every box of ammunition we purchase.

The bullet serialization idea was cooked up by Russ Ford of Ammunition Coding Systems. Ford claims an optical character recognition system used by the United States Postal System, among other companies, could be incorporated by ammunition manufacturers. However, some of the country's largest ammunition manufacturers state this process would make it impossible to turn a profit.

According to the National Shooting Sports website, 18 states have considered or are considering bullet serialization bills. You can track the bills here. Because politicians across the country have failed time and again to directly take away our firearms they are going after the next best thing - ammunition.

While there are many noticeable flaws with Ford's bullet serialization proposal, the bottom line is that his claims have not been tested by a single ammunition manufacturer. As of today, Ford's proposal is nothing more than a theory.

Now is the time for sportsmen and sportswomen to be proactive even if your state is not considering this piece of legislation. Go to to find your state legislators and tell them that you strongly oppose bullet serialization legislation.

2nd Amendment
It's not a hunting issue, but a Second Amendment issue. Registered bullets are not much different than registering our firearms. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to provide the ultimate check on our government--to prevent them from becoming tyrannical. Our forefathers believed so strongly in our right to arms that they listed this right 2nd, with the blief that no government or foreign power could abuse the people if they assumed every citizen might be armed. With registration of bullets, they will know every citizen who is armed, which will eventually be followed by confiscation some day. If you think it can't happen, know that it already did in New Orleans. Imagine if the State provided NOPD with a list people who had purchased registered bullets. There would have been many more confiscations. Once again, the government forces its heavy hand down upon us in the name of our own personal safety. And as good 'ole Ben Franklin said:

"Those who give up liberty for a little temporary safety, deserve neither and will lose both."
If this is intended to curb crime, again criminals will always find ways to get firearms and will find ways to get ammunition.
Should this ever make its way thru legislation... guess who will pay the price.
Right here right now
Currently on the floor of the Louisiana State Govt. is a bill proposed by a liberal in New Orleans, calling for the banning of your hutning guns, including your little ole ruger 10/22 and your bronwing bar deer rifles just to name so favorites. Additonally this bill is piggy backed with another bill calling for the balitic finger printing, (already tryed and failing miserably in Canada) whereby all of your guns go to the state police and are shoot and fingerprinted.

This isn't national its right here in sportsmans paradise. the attack is at every level local, state and federal and is never going to end. So join the NRA, sign up every member of your family including your wife and children. CALL YOUR LOCAL STATE CONGRESSMAN AND SENATROR AND TELL HIM/HER YOU VEHIMATELY OPPOSE THE CURRENT BILLS ON THE LOUISIANA STATE FLOOR.

Wake up, stop whinning and bashing each other on this stie and turn your efforts and time toward the real enemies were facing.

God help us all


Ammo Serial Numbers
Well said Cope and 365....I guess if they can't get your guns outright, they will try another angle, such as your ammo. This issue will never die......
its a shame what they are trying to do.I hope every person who visits this web site is a nra member..if it wasnt for them aint no telling where our guns would be today.Cope i read the papers and watch the news and had not heard of the new orleans thing.guess they just print what they want you to see..I own both of the rifles u mentioned.365 while i may not always agree with your posts you hit the nail on the head with your response(i dont agree with a lot of posts but thats what makes this a great site)
dumb elitest politicians
when i see things like this, it says one thing to me. our Government is run by elitest that want to disarm the general public for tyranical purposes. in history, the first thing a tyranical government does is disarm the general populaton, because easier to control them. we need to not let our god given rights to be taken. as long as we hold our right to keep arms, no matter what, we will always have a chance, regardless of the situation to take our rights back. expect to see alot of stuff like this, we have a democrat congress and probably an anti gun president is hillary or obama get elected.
I have a question, If the ammo i have is not registered
How does the gubermint know what have or don't have?
I don't think i'm going to voluntarilly give up anything!!

I have ALLWAYS advocated buying at least one firearm that is IN GOOD SHAPE and old enough to not have to been registered.
I inherited 1 so i'm covered.
i also purchased 2 more. No i'm not a criminal or a crook or a thug . But i have allways looked at the chance that one day our esteemed guberment would be taken over by the liberal dems that think that if they take our guns away that we will be in shangra la and the crime and murder rate will magically dissapear. HEY JACK AZZES THIS AINT A BOX OF LUCKY CHARMS!!!! The old adage still stands.
When you take away the guns of the honest man. ANARCHY WILL RULE BECAUSE CRIMINALS AINT HONEST!!!
Stepping off my soap box , Bob
another stupid rule
I can see the good intentions with this law,but this is just going to get out of hand. All of those Do-gooders will make it to where every bulet made will eventually have a gps tracker and a direct link o a computer when it is shot out of a gun. We can thank all these "poor" people who deal drugs and get welfare and shoot anyone who is on their "turf". Eventually you will have to ask for special permission just to buy a gun, you will probally have to go before some kind of government agency for approval just to buy ammo or a hunting permit.
Idiot Politicians
What they fail to grasp is, what happens when a gang banger offs someone with said serialized bullet. The casing then ends up in the hands of some reloader, who is caught with the casing to the matching bullet that murdered someone. Then what. It won't work. It will never pass. There are too many variables in the scenario. There is no way to keep up with where the casing went after it was shot. It may have been used in a murder in Texas and end up in the hands of someone in New York. If you think about it, the shear numbers of rounds shot in one year. That would be a daunting task to sift through to find the one serial number. And how would you get the serial number off of a mushroomed bullet to even match it up to the serial number on a casing if it was even found. But, alas, it is the govt. and anything worth wasitng money on, is worth it.
Learn to Hand Load !! I use lead bullets, that I cast and Im still useing some of my powder from the 90s lol Never lost game from the use of lead ! just a thought, can't trace what ys load yourself ?? Capt Bob