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First Turkey

Well this morning I bagged my first bird. Me and Undertaker set out th get the big boy we have been seeing. As we were walking to the area they have been using frequently we herd a hen so we ducked off in the bushes. Shortly after we herd a fly down cackle and she landed 15 yards in front of us. That was awesome. After she walked off we continued on to the spot we wanted to set up in. This spot is a huge live oak and all under it is big thick brier patch we sat up at the base of the tree. After sitting for 45 min and not hearing a thing we started to get restless and was considering leaving to go try another spot. We decided to give it a few more min and it payed off. The turkey came up from our back left side and when he got to about 15 yards he drummed and I said to undertaker what the f#@k was that, his reply was I don't know. So I slowly turned around to find the bird about 15 yards away, and when I went to turn to get the shot he spotted me and ran and tried to fly but I smoked him as soon as he left the ground. He was only a Jake with a 3 inch beard and 1/4 inch spurs weighing in at 13 lbs. This is a hunt I will never forget bagging my first bird without even hearing a gobble. We will try for the big bird again next weekend.
I remember my first bird very vividly. Find day to remember.

You did what you had to under the circumstances. Nothing wrong with that. And you'll enjoy that fine breast meat too.

Spittin' and drummin' is unlike anything else you'll hear in the woods no doubt.

first bird
i will never forget my first gobbler, it all came together like it was magic conrats on your first bird i shure you will never forget it