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catfish for lunch

I would like to know if the people that are catching these catfish from the big muddy are eating then,and how are they?
I herd they are not so good I would like know if this true.
I have a friend who commercial fishes the big muddy for catfish just north of southern univ. I made a similar comment to him one day and he told me the majority of catfish you eat in restaurants around here are from the river, and his biggest clients!
I hear that hype all the time too. These big catfish just like any others if cleaned correctly taste awesome!
I have been fishing the Mississippi for years and have eaten fish from there all my life along with a lot of other people and have never experienced any “Bad Taste” or problems with the fish that come from there.
Most people do not realize the amount of water the Mississippi puts into other bodies of water around Louisiana. Same water same fish!
I didn't want to eat them out of the river and just couldn't see catch and release for catfish. After reading this, I'm going out there tomorrow night!!
Where do you get your crawdads?
Hate to say this about my grandfather who died in 1974 but I will tell the truth now. He and I use to run lines in the Mississippi when the river was high. He told me that was the only time to eat the cats from there if you ran lines south of Baton Rouge. He would sell them as "FRESH AMITE RIVER CATFISH" and people would buy them, eat them and call back for more. We would also eat them and I am still living. So I say as long as the river is high should be ok. As far as taste I could not tell the difference from any other catfish.