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Big Water, Little Boat

Is a 12' Aluminum Bateau with a 10 HP motor safe to take out to Lake Verret, Pass Manchac, and/or Lake Pontchartrain?

If not please explain, or what kind of limitations I should have, like how far to stay near shore or certain areas.

I live in the Prairieville Area, so these are the closest places that have good fishing spots (according to old reports). Any other suggestions for fishing spots (not honey holes) would be appreciated.

After being hit by a bass boat last weekend while fishing among the cypress trees on the Blind River, I don't plan to go there again (their fault not paying attention when going 50 mph down the river and didn't even have a registered boat). Still a little sore...
A 12' boat is a bit dangerous in those larger bodies of water. You have to bery conscious of the wind and i wouldn't venture very far from shore. If that weather kicks up that motor is too small to get you back quickly.

The main problem though is other boaters, many are are not to considerate of smaller boats and getting swamped is going to be your main problem.

I personally wouldn't fish Lake P with a boat that size b/c most of the fishing is a bit too far from shore. Manchac has a lot of boat traffic. If i were you i would stick to the inside marshes but if you do hit the big water just be real careful and pick your days cafefully. Good Luck
You may consider the Bayou Corne or Bay Alcide area.
Cross the Sunshine bridge and take hwy. 70 to the Bayou Corne landing or a couple of miles down there is Landry's.
Both areas are a network of bayous and canals that boats are usually courteous of others.
Search Google maps and you will find it.
Bream primarily but also good fishing for catfish, bass, sacs. Good luck.
Thank You poppincork and trout assassin

I managed to find these maps online of the areas you suggested , look real nice:

You guys are probably right 12' isn't big enough for Lake P.

But I'm still wondering if Lake Verret is out of reach, talked to a friend and he showed me his broken trolling motor bracket that came out of his boat when it was slamming down on Lake Verret. After talking with him it does seem like like Lake Verret is probably too much to tackle with a john boat.
Depending on what you want to catch, you really don't need to go to big water areas to catch fish. I fish out of a 14' flat with a 15 hp and I would not go in Lake P. I would try Pass Manchac if I had to but would proly spend more time running away from crew boats and bass masters than fishing!! Instead I'd go to either North Pass which is just North of Pass Manchac. Ruddock which is going to put you in the HWY 51 canal South of Pass Manchac and then you have Bedico Creek which is Northeast of Pass Manchac. Also, the Reserve canal off of Airline HWY in Reserve. All of these places hold fish, it is just like any other spot, you have to put in your time and get to know where the fish are.

Trying to fish areas that are to big for your boat is just going to limit the days you can go and will keep you from really learning your spots, just my $.02.
Good Luck!!
Charley has the right idea !!! and better yet...spend a few dollars for a couple cans of spray primer and orange Day/Glow paint for just the bow and can always cover it w/netting when you used it for hunting...cheers
I am interested in this incident on blind river. Where were you when this happened?? Do you know who the people were? Blind River is a very dangerous place but can be fished and enjoyed. There are several canals that can be fished safely and if you want to fish the main river, anything between St James boat club and the interstate will probablly be better as for MOST people will idle past you in this area. Just stay out of "S" curve no matter how good the water looks. That curve has to many blind spots and is very dangerous.