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AAofLA weekend report

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Marvin Borderlon wanted me to show him and his 2 friends Chad & Bruce a few spots and different ways of fishing. I met Marvin at Rigolets marina, hopped on his new boat and off we went. We drifted the bridge in Lake Pontchartrain about an hour. Marvin wanted to see several spots to fish. With dirty water in Rigolets & Lake Borgne we made our way down the ICW to Bayou Bienvenue area and looked at many spots and fished a few. These guys have known each other since high school and know how to have a great time on the water. We also caught a few fish, not many but quality fish. Back at the marina for 1pm.

Location = Lk Pont & Bayou Bienvenue area
Winds = 10 to 15 NNW
Water = clear at mid lake 68 to 70 deg
Fish = 6 Speckled Trout all 19' to 23' 3 Flounder at 1 to 2 lbs each
Bait = Plastics under a cork and bounced off the bottom.

John McClusty his boss & wife ( two different people )'Doc' & Paulette came in Friday to stay at the SPOTS & DOTS LODGE. John & 'Doc' fished with me last year. This year John brought his wife along for an ANGLING ADVENTURE. We fished the bridges in Lk Pontchartrain for a short time and caught a few Specks. We moved to the Biloxi Marsh area and fished for REDFISH. The action was slow with the water dirty. But we kept at it and caught several REDFISH. Doc had the hot rod early then John started to put a few in the boat. Paulette enjoyed the marsh, it was a great day to be on the water. John & I picked on each other all day. They are a fun bunch to fish with. John is ready to come back.

Location = Lk Pont & Biloxi Marsh
Winds = Calm then 8 to 12 SSE
Water = Clean in Lk Pont Dirty in Marsh
Fish = 9 Fat Specks all 14' to 19' & 11 REDFISH all 17' to 24'
BAit = Plastics bounced off the bottom for Specks, Add a spinner for REDFISH.

Joby Church came in for s short day on the water. We fished Lake Pontchartrain with plastics and had a great time. He caught on to the technic fast and caught supper and a supprise for Mothers day. (Stuffed Flounder)!!!!!!!!

Location = Lk Pontchartrain
Winds = calm then 5 to 10 East
Water = Clear, 68 to 69 deg
Fish = 10 Speckled Trout all 13' to 17' 3 Flounder
Bait = Plastics off the bottom

I enjoyed the trips and look forward to more good fishing. The action has slowed down in the lake, I look for it to get better in a few days. Call for your ANGLING ADVENTURE 985-781-7811 TOLL FREE 877-4-AAofLA 'THE ADVENTURE IS CATCHING' ON-SITE ACCOMMODATIONS& NO-FISH-NO-PAY-GUARANTEE- Thanks Capt. Mike Gallo (GIWM) check the site