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A friend of mine just purchased four acres in Venice to put a camper. We asked him about the duck hunting in Venice, and he said it was good. Is there any public area to hunt? What is the Wagon Wheel or something like that? What species do yall kill in Venice? How was the season down there last year? We want to hunt other places than PAC WMA, which is a great place.
Man UP!
Venice is awesome public & private duck hunting! But, you have to MAN-UP. There is nothing easy about duck hunting Venice!
well yes there are ducks in venice, but nothing like there used to be. and theres plenty of folks there. more and more air boats dropping of hunters. but if your willing to spend the gas to look you can find a few. west side is pretty much done for ducks. way to salty no feed. you may get a few late season, resting up in between feeding.

bettween crossing the river or going down river, it will leave your nerves on edge if its not fog,6 ft ship waves, current, floating logs big as a boat. boat launch fees that are equal to the great gas rip off we deal with now

getting stopped and boarded by the coast gaurd almost every trip in jump. oh i almost forgot the 6ft rollers in the river when the winds out of the south nothing like crossing them in the dark.

oh did i mention no water 50% of the time, bugs from somewere deep beneath the earth, and the drive back

it makes me wonder why i like it so much!!!!!! but thats venice like it or not theres no in between. yep no 4 wheeler ride to the pit blind for sure.

stan thomas
If you go for teal, watch your dog. I saw the biggest alligator I have ever seen in my life there a couple years back.
yep big gators but during teal season man the stingrays are thick in the pot holes we hunt. funny when we first started hunting there we thought we were seeing red fish turned out it was all stingrays
Someone crawfishing?
Thought I heard Venice was easy...
It aint easy
Venice is unique - it gets in your blood. Public hunting in Delta National Wildlife Refuge and Pass-a-Loutre WMA. Both are on the east side of the river hence the comments concerning battling the river in the dark, the fog, the ship wakes. Hopefully with the extremely high river this year we get a good silt deposit along with a good flush - this sets the dinner table for the fall/winter if the storms stay away.
well capt Ross if i ever said it was easy to duck hunt venice i must have been smokeing crack or suffering from mini strokes. i am over 50 over weight and dont exercise when i get back to the landing i allways wonder why do i do this to myself
Chip on your shoulder?
No crawfish Capt. Ross, we are now talking ducks!
More land
Do you know of anymore land in Venice for sale.

We kill pretty much every species just depends on where you hunt. Mallards, Summer Mallards, Pins, Greys, Teal, Wig., Cans., Buffelheads, Redheads, Snows, Blues, and more I can't think of. There is also a ton of deer, rabbits, and hogs.

Tommy 504 415 7774
Hunting and fishing not really very good in Venice.All the trout are sardines,redfish are just non exsistant and as far as ducks all they have is dos gris.Go fish LP and try hunting Gueydan.LOL
Tough hunting . lots of birds. occasional hog. Red fish limits o
Venice is a great place to Limit out but is an expensive trip. Fuel for starters, You are going to break something important on each trip to Venice. During hunting season the fog is brutal. You should have Radar. It is a long run from Venice to say the DWR ( got to be gone by noon) or East Bay say. Very few places have a bottom at all.. Water levels change a good bit. You really need to scout and area for each wind direction. I have limited out one morning and the next morning NO WATER... Not uncommon to have someone in your spot and got there at 4:00 am. Not uncommon for 4 groups of hunters calling the same birds..

When I was younger and lighter and had full access to a place in Port Edes and another place in Venice Marina things were much different.. Now I rather take a 4 wheeler to the blind and shoot at 1/2 the birds.. There are some nice leases there that do things right but still most of the same factors exist.
It really needs to be in your blood. When it gets in your blood it is real addicitve. I am a Recovered Venice Addict myself.
need help to recover myself
well southern boy do you have the number to venice hunters anmyo. group. last year after breaking down i threw all my folding chairs over board all my grass blind material and swore i was done with duck hunting was gonna sale the stupid boat motor trailer decoys guns etc,

but yesterday we planned our opening day teal hunt in venice
plan on leaving wed. night fishing and scouting thur and fri
then hunting yes venice opening day sat. bud i need help it will be the death of my overweight shift working body

stan thomas
super duck
HA !!!So I rang a bell or 2..The hurricane help me get over my addiction. I found a new place.. As far as the overweight shiftworker frame.( not so good).. Venice mud walking is made for guys 160 pounds, 6'0 with a size 14 foot.. Walk with a paddle and use the decoy bag to pull up on if you get stuck. East Bay had a pretty good bottom for walking.

The first step is recognizing the problem.. You are getting there.
I'm addicted
I'm addicted and have been as long as ive been hunting. Nothing more satisfying that working your A$$ walking through mud to get to the right cane island, tossing decoys out that are caked in mud, and still watching ducks plop in the mud. Its alot of hard work and you won't shoot limits in the beginning, but if you move around alot, scout, attempt to avoid the croud, and pay attention to the tide, youll shoot more birds that most would. Regardless, a beer after a day of hunting in Venice is far more satisfying than a beer anywhere else.