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Battery Question

I am about to purchase a troll motor and 2 batteries for my 20' V-hull aluminum boat. The battery trays are welded into the front center storage compartment. Because of their location and the added vibration and bouncing in that area of the boat, would I do better with a gel battery, or do y'all think a standard battery would be ok?
Anyone at all?????
Gel or Regular Battery
Depends on how much money you want to spend. I had two cheap trogan batteries ran my trolling motor for 6 years then I switched to Deep Cycle Stowaways from Academy had them for the past yr no problems. Rule of thumb always keep your trolling motors fully charged and check levels every 10-15 trips or once every 2 months whatever or however much you fish. Now for the trays you can buy gel balls that stick in all four corners of the tray 4 for $12.00 for the absortion from academy they had just got pattened about a year ago and what a great invention takes all the shock out, Install them in the corners of each tray no matter where you mount the batteries without this your batteries will not last as long they eventually will leak and still use the strap over the top to hold in place. Its kind of like sitting down when riding in rough water on a cushion rather than standing taking a pounding well worth the $12 a battery for these they come in red, gree and blue for a trolling motor you want the blue for extreme absorbtion in the roughest seas. Standard battery will be fine if you use these gel absorbtion half circles.


Century Man
Gel is definetly better. Even on the rear of the boat potholes and railroad tracks have taken their fair share of batteries.

Ever wonder why you fish all day and leave with a good battery only to find out latter that for some reason you battery is now only 9v! Potholes!