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Does anyone have an update on the crossbow and .45-70 proposals?
It passed thru Senate and commities,it is on the third reading awaiting final passage in the House.
SB 165 is about making crossbows legal for all bowhunters. Here is a link.......look under History for the current status. Or click on Text to read the bill. Go the the bottom of the Bill and it will show what the "Changes" will be.
   Bobby B
My question is guys where do you all find this type of information. I am an internet junkie/guru and can't find anything about this stuff. Thank you for the information
Bobby.....go to the link that I posted. This is the Louisiana State legislature web site. Look around this site, there is lots of information.....but you have to look to find what you are interested in. The Natural Resourse committee usually handles Bills that deal with Hunting, fishing and other "Outdoors" type things. SB-292 if passed could change the law to allow fishing in "High Water" areas. It is on the Senate schedule for Tuesday....check when you get home from hear what is said.

You can and lessen to the Committee meetings the hear the discussion on the Bills that are on the agendas for that day. I find a lot of what is said....very interesting and often funny/sad to here what these State elected people are thinking.

If you have never checked this web site.....go to The next meetings will not be until 4 PM on Tuesday.

Here are a few Bills that could be of interest:

SB-51 [Firearms in vehicles]
-165 [Crossbows]......House to heard this Tue.
-292 [fishing in flooded rivers/lakes] Senate sch for Tue.
-690 [Dogs ?]
-342 [cell phones while driving]
-158 [radar dectators]

HB-68 [to ban assault weapons]
-199 [concealed hand guns] On House agenda for Tue.
-701 [redefine game fish]