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Marina legend passes away!

On Thursday night the fishing community lost a wonderful person, Mrs. Claire Bourgeois. She use to run and own Jeanfreau's marina and restaurant on the Chef next to the old Halter Marine building. Anybody who fished the Chef back in the 50's,60's,70's, and 80's should know her. She was one of the nicest and hardest working woman you will ever meet.She was still getting up at 3:00 am to rent skiffs and sell bait up into her seventies. She made lots of great memories for lots of New Orleans area fisherman and duck hunters. She loved what she did. She always use to call her fisherman her BOYS and worried about them all. She will be greatly missed. Services will be in Slidell on Tuesday at Honaker. I think she was 85 yrs old.
Mrs.Claire Bourgeois
loupgarou...she was a grand person !!! she had a pic w/ a T/Picayune N.O. States artical on the wall in the kitchen... some rabbit gave was signed in the back by this guy that had a O/B that ran on black coffee ???...she was a grand person...we traced back about 15th "coozon" ...but we always lost track between the coffee !!!...sorry to hear it...pete
Really sad news
Miss Clair was a true fishermans friend.It was hard to fish from her place without having to go in and have (free)bisqiuts first."RIP Miss Clair, save some bait and a skiff for me if I make it to heaven where you no doubt are".
Is Manual ok, lost track of them some years ago.
Buddy Hereford
Mr. Manuel
He recently had both legs amputated, within last 3mos. or so. He is in a wheelchair and getting physical therapy but his mind is still sharp. My mom and dad visited him and Mrs. Claire on Mother's day and said he looked good. Hard to find people as nice as them anymore. I think we got fed for free everytime we went there also and she used to get me and me brother Christmas presents every year. Frank Davis did a piece on Naturally N'Awlins about her some years ago, would be nice to see it again.