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On Fed.23,1945 five U.S.Marines and one Navy Corpsman rised our great flag on the top of Mt.Suribachi Iwo Jima.The battle was know as "Operation Detachment".It was one of the fiercest fighting battles in our history.We had 26,504 casualties and the enemy had over 20,000 in 35 days of fighting.
There have been many battles before and after.We are at battle today with terrorist.My prayers go out to all military who have served,serving,and have fought for our freedom.Please remember what this day is all about,because it came with the ultimate price.

Semper Fi-Always Faithful
Semper Fi
Hoorah!!! My hats off to you Capt. John
"whiskey drink'n Indian"
..."call him drunken Ira Haynes...he won't answer anymore...the whiskey drinking Indian...or the Marine that went to war"...some claimed the sight of Old Glory kind'a got our now "Nip" friends psy-up and the fighting intensified...some had second thoughts that it might have been better if it was raised a few days later...but their high ground observations forced our hand...the raising did boost morale on our side but they got "hotter" on the other side when they saw the flag ???...anyway the pole was a broken water pipe found on the way up ???...they had another first pic but it was not good enough for the brass ???...I take up and back up 100% for the "Grunts"...and I think some of them claimed later that one side of the mountain was not fortified ???...and I'am going by with a down to earth "historian in a wheelchair" told me when I ran into him at the WWII Museum...excellent post Capt.Haller !!!...cheers
GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whooooo aaaahh...
Thanks for one American Indian and many other that gave.
Thank You all servicemen and servicewomen
I just wanted to say thank you to all servicemen and servicewomen. I chose not to join one of our armed forces and sometimes I regret that I didn't. Needless to say, I am very proud of all of you who have given your time, service, and in some cases 'life' for the freedoms that we have today. I want to keep my prayers with all of the families of servicemen and servicewomen who served and are now serving our country.
It's ashamed, but I bet this Topic doesn't have as many comments about a boat sinking, to shoot or not to shoot crossbows, 909 Red Snapper, or if you support or don't support widowmaker. Let's change the norm guys, keep it going...