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Hangemhigh is BORED.

Let's give him something to read.


- Phew, you stink!
- Never, EVER, do that in my kitchen sink again.
- I just don't see why you're so upset. That camo jumpsuit smells so much better with the fabric softner.
- You are NOT going to hang that in here, are you?

(OK guys, add your own.)
Mine loves to dress my deer heads up for whatever holiday is close. I'll have to see if I can find some pics. My favorite is the Mardi Gras buck. Oh yea they all have names too
Wife Says
I hope you hurry up and kill something so you can come home.
My wife likes to try and make me feel guilty by telling our kids that she sure hopes "Daddy has fun on his little vacation" when i go out of town hunting or fishing. I do feel guilty for a little while but get over it soon,LOL!
You bought what?
What the hell did you buy again? You don't need that. Don't you already have one of those? What do you need a 4 wheeler for? I don't even eat deer meat. Most women just don't understand. Ask her how many shoes she has.
Why did you buy him that? Make sure you make him wear hearing protection when he's shooting his bow.
good one
i couldnt get the leaf and branch stains off your hunting jacket so i bleached it and they still wont come all the way off!.
My cousins wife told him this when I dropped him off.
Did you get anything??? No.
Another wasted weekend.

Mine's biggest gripe is...It's bad enough you go hunting so much, that as soon as you walk in from hunting, you spend the next few hours on the phone talking about hunting and sit in front of the TV and check all the hunting programs that I've recorded on my TEVO...

"WHEN DO YOU EVER STOP?" she says...
Another Gun
What -- Another Gun ? Dam It... (and then the games begins)

(I always like that line in the movie with the brothers - Doc Hoilday -- "I'll be your huckleberry)
Trained Pigs
I sent the picture I have posted in my reports on this site to my sister who is a city slicker in Atlanta of the the pigs that were trapped at my place on the lake. The picture shows them laid out a table before cleaning. She responds back to me very innocently that I had those pigs trained very well. Whether she was serious or not I thought that was funny.
Go right ahead!!
My last 2 used to say the samething, keep going go right ahead and see if I am still gonna be here!!! I am currently working on #3!!!

All I hear
can't we just eat chicken???????
my wife
mine always says, "why don't you just go hunting or something?" The fact that she is happier when I'm not home is concerning. but not that much. She's just my first wife.
Top Ten Complaints
1)How many did you kill? That's all?
2)You don't plan on mounting this one too, do you?
3)If you didn't take so much time off to go fishing and hunting, maybe you could go to the beach for a whole week, instead of just three days.
4)We can't buy a new couch, but you can spend almost $1000 dollars on a new bow?
5)Why do you keep your truck and four wheeler in the garage, and make me park outside?
6)Do you really need three shotguns, I mean can't you just hunt all birds with just one shotgun?
7)I don't want you drinking and gambling at the camp, you got that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8)Why do you wash your own hunting clothes on sunday nights, but won't wash any of the kids or mine during the week?
9)Why don't you like to go shopping with me, I actually believe that you would rather be spending your time at the camp with the guys?
Last, but not least!
10)Absolutely no excuses about being late coming home on sunday. NONE! No the bucks were running, the ducks were flying, or the fish were biting. You WILL be home to take me and the kids to church at noon on sunday, no excuses, period!
Why do you have to spend $700 on a rifle scope, I saw some at Wal-Mart for $59...... and "make sure you get the 'baby' something to eat" ..... (for heaven's sake the 'baby' is seventeen now)
Keeping the peace
1) "You'll pay $40.00 for an ounce of doe pee, but not $40.00 for an ounce of perfume"?

2) "Go ahead and bring that thing to the taxidermist---It'll be the last thing that gets mounted in this house for a while".

Been married 25 years today to the same one-thank God she understands.
Women are from Mars, Men are from Venus!!!
"I will never understand what pleasure you get from hunting"

She says it, but at the same time she knows I've got the sickness bad!!!!!!!

Will be 24 years to the same wonderful nonunderstanding woman this year and IF I ever get rid of this one, I'm gone live at the camp.

Hey, maybe we will go to Alaska for our 25th?? A nice caribou hunt should be a nice gift for me.

BTW, I believe that Slick is a glutton for punishment.

Wife Comments
When others ask my wife how she puts up with my hunting and fishing trips, she says:

"When I die, I want to come back as you married to me"

One of my other favorites:

"You guys stayed out on the water all day and didn't catch anything? That’s not too smart, at what point couldn’t you guys figure out they weren't biting?
Proof that they are all closely
Wife #1's birthday falls on Nov. 13th. You can imagine the problems that can cause.
"You haven't left yet?"
"Do you ever kill anything?"
"You stink. Go take a bath."
"You don't need a bigger boat."
"Your not taking my boat to the camp and get it all smelly and scratched."
Scared the bejesus out of her the last wek of the season when I came home. Full beard. In need of a serious haircut and still dressede for the woods. She was sleeping when I came home and when I woke her up, she about hit the ceiling. Thought it was a madman coming to get her. You know you got it going on when that happens.
I guess I got blessed with the greatest wife in the world. I sat her down before we got married and said, "Here is how it is... I grew up hunting my whole life and you'll never take that from me or change me. You get February through August, I get the rest. Don't ever try to hold hunting against me." Since then, My wife has never complained once about my hunting. BTW, I don't ask for permission to buy anything. I don't have to ask for her permission to pay the house note, elec bill, cable, phone, water, insurance, and everything else. Why should I have to ask for her permission to get a new 45-70 when I want one?
My Wife
"You want to clean those ducks in my kitchen sink".... No in our kitchen sink, the only kitchen sink we have. Then when I ask her to help me clean them, "You shot them by yourself, so you can clean them by yourself".... Then I'll eat them by myself.

"You are going to put that deer head in the barn, aren't you?"

"You spent $200 on a camera to take pictures of deer!?"

"You are going to leave that $200 camera & $100 feeder out in the woods were someone can steal it!"

And my favorite: "Can we give my Mom some back-strap?".... LOL, can you guess what my answer was.
# 2 LOL
Im working on number 2 ! for the last 22 yrs she has only said,"when are we leaving ?"Or boy I hope I get a shot this week end, Can we mount the 10 pointer I shot ?? You guys just need to find the right one !!Hell she can run a boat,loves to fish! can even Fillet them if I don't! Loves her 25/06,And can cook neck meat and make ya think its backstrap lol maybe you guys need to make em hunting pards ?? Mite make things a lot more better?? Just a thought !Of course Im OLD lol Capt Bob (and hunting is more important to me then Drinkin lol)
"the early years before their training"
"take those boots off before coming in the house"
"how can you shoot them with their sad eyes "
"you going to sleep on the sofa tonight ...if you too tired to take a bath"
" you hose the blood out the carport"
"that poor little thing loves life too"

...but she never went hungry or got skinny over 48 years ??? ...and in 2 more years I'll let her re-new her marriage licence...ugh ???

Haha..."Kill one so you can come home early." --so true.
1st night at camp: "'ya miss'em"

2nd night at camp: "What her name "

3rd night at camp: "I don't wann'a go home"

Cheers !!!
Long live Hunting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had an old aunt that asked my uncle, "Why don't you go earlier and shoot the ducks while they're sleepin in the trees?"

Women have no clue!!!
It's not something we love to do or an obsession, it's a disease or addiction like alchoholism or a gamblimg problem.
My dad and grandfather put it in in my blood, and I plan to instill it in my son's blood!!!
The Wife
well last night she called my "Turkey Call" magazine a "Turkey Cattle" magazine...What that is?...I have no

Do you have to glue those thingys on your arrows in the living room?

Why must you call turkeys in the house?

What are you gonna do with all your hunting crap?

Whose gonna eat all this freakin' deer meat?

I can go on and on and on.....but,come huntin' season she can't wait to get rid of me....cause I drive her crazy during the off season....It's a strategy I works!
Thanks HB
Thanks HB....I swear, I've heard 90% of those in my 30 years of knowing my wife........
Trying hard to get out of a funeral this I can go move my box stand.. help is lined up...Dam It...!!! this one is going to be tough...Not looking Good...
They ain't all the same!!
Capt Bob had the right idea.Mine does everything with me except duck huntin.I don't miss to many days of the season.She even cleans pretty much everything except hogs.We got married on opening day of duck season so I can't forget it and right now while I am typing she is cleaning out the spare bedroom and making it a "Man Room".Camo curtains and all.You just have to go through a few before you find the right one!
Shes already taken guys so don't get any ideas.HaHaHa
Venice addict
Once a few years ago when I was still addicted to Venice, LA.
My wife once told me once. " If one more thing with Fins, Fur, or Feathers comes in this house. I am donating all the ice chest to St Vincent DePaul Society and whatever dead animals are inside the ice chest.

I immediatly thought it was a good idea and an opportunity to get new ice chest and get back to the marsh but, could not bear to give up deer, hog,duck, and redfish meat.

I think I just said yes Maam and got the Vaccume sealer out when she went to bed....HA
Daughter's question
Did you catch me an 8 pounder? Don't know if it was supposed to be a joke, but she was serious as a heart attack.
Wife: Do you really need another bow? Why don't you use the same arrows? Are you really hunting when you go to the camp, you only kill 6 deer a year adn you hunt much more than that.
hang um
I hope the funeral wasn't a close family friend of your wife's. Thats pretty cold bruh.
Well obviously you know me pretty well whoever you are…..but…I'm not even going to explain here.....probably not later either
bye bye
PS - Killer....thanks...You now convinced me what I've been thinking for a while. I need to change my "log in" name.
too many fellow hunters on this site know my camp thing..someone going to pass something I said to the old lady at the camp...
thanks for the reminder......Hangem going bye bye...
hang um
I don't know who you are so your safe, but you can never be too careful...hehehe