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Tough life to live....

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There is nothing like fishing on a weekday. A quick report from the teacher turned summer fisherman. Since I teach I usually have to fish on the weekends except for the summer. This limits me from fishing as much as I would like but I went out yesterday and saw plenty of shrimping boats but very few regular fishermen. I made the long run to the coast to find a limit of specks. All caught tightlined on LSU chubs. Quick bite early morning, then shut down for a good hour and a half, then back on. The size of the fish were amazing. 4 that went about 3 lbs. and plenty of 1.5 to 2 pounders. I have been fortunate to limit out the last 3 trips. Gotta love Louisiana!!!
LIMITS ON CHUBS??????????????????
What's wrong with this post? The teacher must not have been able to find those 30cent live baits!!!!!! That, Sir, is an awesome post, I don't care WHO you talk to or WHERE you fish!!!!!!!!!!