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Another limit in Dularge!!

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Made a trip with a buddy to Dularge yesterday. We found the small specks right off the bat and it took us a little while to find the size, but we did. Put 50 in the boat. All caught tight lining LSU Chubs. Great day but hot as hell out there early on without a breeze.
How far out in the gulf did you have to go??? Goin for Fathers day in a small boat, and worried about traveling great distances in the Gulf.........Any in the surf on the Gulf side? Or just on the structure??
Along the coast is very small school trout. Action is fast and fun, would be great for a small child. We caught 20 fast under the birds but could only keep 2. Headed offshore you can fish any structure on the bottom with plastics and do great. Glow cocahoe with chart tail, and LSU worked great. The birds around coon point held bigger trout but near impossible to keep up with them with a trolling motor. If you plan on fishing along the coast wear long pants! Horse flies tore me up with both Vict secret lotion and 45spf lotion caked on.
what is an lsu chub and where can I get them? I have an Acadamy close by
The coast has been far enough lately....
I haven't had to hit a rig yet this year. However, the action isn't as fast and furious as I would like, but the quality has been surprisingly good. I did find chasing the birds resulted in smaller fish so I stuck to the oyster reefs. As far as LSU Chubs, they are at Academy. They are made by Reaction lures (Yellow package). They cost about $2, the only bad about them is that they aren't very durable but they do have good action.