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serious help

Hey guys I need some serious help. I live in Denham and usually fish the amite only b/c it's close. Like all of us I work a lot and really dont have the time or gas money to just drive around clueless looking for boat launches. I'm trying to find some places to catch some bass. I read the post on this site everyday for help but I don't know where these locations are they everyone talk about. They are usually referred to by names that aren't searchable on the web. Can anyone "PLEASE" give me some advice on any locations reasonably close that would be worth the gas money? I'm not asking for any honey holes just some simple directions to some launches. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
For places to fish West of Baton Rouge, two I would recommend are Henderson area in the Atchafalaya Basin or False River.

Henderson…..This area is accessed at the Butte La Rose, LA. exit off I-10 which is about 32 miles west of the Mississippi River. The free boat launch is located under the interstate Hwy.

After launching, you can fish either to the north or south of the interstate. There are many channel lanes or open river water for getting to the vast area the fish. Most of the open boat lanes have stumps or trees near the shore. There is also lots of open water where there are many trees and stumps… go slow in these areas.

The water level can fluctuate greatly depending on what the Atchafalaya River level is doing. Fishing is best when the Atchafalaya River is on a slow fall, say between 8 and 12 feet. Like fishing any area, where you catch one day, you may not catch any the next. This is especially true if the water level is changing day to day. During this hot weather, I would suggest fishing in the deeper water areas or in shaded areas.

During low river stages (Like now) the flat area are very shallow (1’-3’) but when the river is high, these same area can be 6-8’ deep.

Bass… keep a bass it must be 14”. Usually you will catch several undersize Bass to each keeper caught. I saw many reports that Bass fishing was very good this past spring and ok during the summer.

False River…..This oxbow lake is located about 25 miles NW of Baton Rouge by going west on Hwy 190 and turning north on Hwy 1 to head towards New Roads, LA. There are several privately run boat launches. There use to be a free boat launch in the town of New Roads near the north end of the lake but I have not fished there in many years to know if it is still there.

Most parts of the lake have camps with fishing piers/boat sheds where Bass hang out under them. Between the camps are usually grass beds to fish, but don’t forget to try fishing along any drop-offs a little farther away from the piers. There are just a few cannels off the main lake on the “Island” side of the lake. There are grassy “Flats” on either end of the oxbow lake which can produce some bites.

There is a spillway water level control structure about mid-lake on the south side and a small bayou that enters on the north end and exits on the south end of the lake. If there has been excessive rains….the lake is closed due to camp flooding to all boat traffic, but this only happens every 5 or 10 years.

I hope this helps.
You can try the Manchac area. Nice boat launch and lots of area to fish. Usually it is miss or hit in that area.
I would have to agree on henderson lake and right now the bream or biting the bass are fair to good .
this lake will require you to get a map to learn where the
different areas people talk about are .
You reall would have a hard time getting turned around in henderson as you launch under the I-10 interstate and it runs right down the middle of the lake.
as for false river there are NO MORE grass beds at all in the lake . Thanks to a heavy stocking of supposed sterile grass carp . oops.
There are thousands of piers and many thousands of planted brushpiles in false river . you just have to locate the brushpiles as no one marks them when they put them in.
false river will give you a decent shot at a trophy bass at
certain times of the year. very good lake for catfish.
also contains hybrid stripers. bream there are over populated and you catch alot of small ones but can still catch a mess of hand size or bigger .
also Old river at morganza is another spot for big bream and sac a lait and some bass. 30 min past false river on
All of these lakes are well woth the time spent to fish them.
But if you can find someone who fishes these areas to go w/ for a couple of trips it will make it ALOT eaiser for you to learn where to fish and how to fish them.
hey guys. thanks for some direction. i read my first reply last night at about 1 and had the boat ready to go by 1:30. went out to false river and did some scouting. had some bites but nothing solid. have to get out there earlier next time,the first skiers were out there by 7:30. i appreciate you all taking time to help a newcomer to the area out.
It isn't very close to you, but you may want to investigate Lake Okhissa. Beautiful place and fine fishing.
since you chose false river . Now i'll give you the secret for the summer months.
no skiers or jet skis and fishing plastics in the same places you fish daytime will produce fish.
Also fish any lighted areas you find.
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