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Posted by Capt. Rory - The United Charters Fishing Team

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Another day another great day of fishing. Thursday JC and I hit the water again and after a stop by Campo's to get our shrimp we were off to the Biloxi Live Marsh to see what we could see. What we saw was Trout after Trout pull our corks down then they were flopping on the deck. We fished in Stump Lagoon with live shrimp 2' under a cork. Before we knew it we had our 2 man limit of 50 Trout, along with 20 Goatheads in the box and it was off to the boathouse before the rain came. Did not plan on fishing today, but with the weather perfect, the tide high, and not a breath of wind I called JC and he high tailed it down to the Beach. We made a stop at Campo's for a load of live shrimp, and a sandwich. Now comes the hard part, which way to go. With the fishing so good right now it can be hard to make up your mind. So when I got down the ship channel to Hopedale it was time to spin the water bottle on the deck and see if we were going to go to the Biloxi Marsh side, or the Delacroix side. The West side won this one so off to Middle Bayou we went. Just as we did 2 days ago we fished in 15' of water over an oyster bottom, and just as then the Trout were there and hungry. The tide was falling very hard, and it made it tough to get to the bottom, but when you did it was Trout on. I started to toss the Salt Water Assassins, and they ate it up. The bite stopped when we were 10 Trout short of our limits, so we moved into Lake Robin, and picked up the other 10, along with 3 Reds, 2 Goatheads, and 1 Drum. These were caught on live shrimp 2' under a cork. The fishing is about as good as it gets in Shell Beach, do not miss out. United we stand and United we fish. Call United Charters to your next fishing adventure. (504) 439-1680