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TX vs. LA

Lot of smack talk goin on between TX & LA fisherman. Everyone in LA needs to calm down & realize what is being done in TX.

TX does have different bag limits than LA, better managed DW&F, bigger & stronger CCA, so of course they are gonna catch bigger fish.

Doesn't guarantee better fishing, but you are going to catch bigger fish in TX. Look at this:

Trout - 10 bag limit between 15 - 25 inches
Redfish - 3 bag limit between 20- 28 inches

West - 15 bag limit between 12-25 inches
East - 25 bag limit 12 inch max

Redfish - 5 bag limit between 16 - 27 inches
Is this fact? You really mean to tell me that you feel that tx catches bigger fish than we do. We are not talking about Bass, Chas. Give us some facts not opinions. OUT
You're using poor logic
All that tells me is that you can only keep larger fish in Texas. Doesn't say anything about the amount and quality of fish in the state at all.
Use statistics and you will understand what chas is talking about.
Texas has a large number of trout in its record books that are bigger than the Louisiana state record.

They have record size on us but NOBODY has the numbers we do.
A Texas limit will be bigger than LA's strictly due to the slot limit requirements. Also, in Baffin, Trinity, and Laguna Madre these estuaries are bay right on the Gulf.. My friend in Baffin swears Calcasieu is by far the best estaurie in the south, but Baffin's couple fish are usually huge..Who cares I love fishing in Texas mainly for a change of seneray, trout are trout doesn't really matter where you are..
Mike Guerin is exactly right. When I went to south Texas back in the spring I saw several mounts of HUGE fish....11-12 lbs. A 10 lb. trout ain't no big deal along the Lower Coast....just so it's 30" long. That's the magic number. One thing I've noticed about our fish compared to their's....a 28" trout caught here in the spring should have no problem weighing 8 lbs. In Texas, it might weigh 6 1/2. Once you get above the 30" mark tho, they're all big.

Mike is exactly correct...They have the size, we have the numbers.

Like I said, doesn't guarantee they have better fishing!!! LA is Sportsman's Paradise for a reason!
Red fish
We do snip them in the redfish category which they tried to say were bigger in Texas. Our state recored is a few pounds bigger at 62 theres is 59.

But the shear number of specks and reds caught day in and day out in Louisiana is staggering ofcourse its harder for a trout or red for that matter to grow beyond record sizes due to pressure. I would be willing to bet that the number of fish caught here as compared to Texas and other states are much like Ducks. Noone comes close to overall numbers of Louisiana. Some of our parishes harvest more Ducks then most other whole states is the statistic I read not long ago. I am sure the fishing is the same. Surely there are numbers posted by national surveys where we wouldnt have to speculate on it..
Your exactly right salty, 30' is there magic length. Those Texans look for that hopeful length.. I caught a 29' last winter in Baffin that weighed 7 1/2 lbs. would have almost went 9 lbs. in Calcasieu. Long skinny fish, we really don't catch many 11-12 lb. fish here.. But 2-8lb's the comparison is not even close.. Erick Rue has a 26' -9lb. fish mounted. That would be unheard of in Texas.
re: Lone Star state vs. Bayou State

Yep . . .

Texas has a lot of "bigger" everything.

But one thing I understand directly!

They have bigger fees . . . less access to private waters and lands unless you are willing to cough up more $$$ than most Louisianians can afford - even though we have our own hunting and fishing leases here.

Yes, they have bigger deer but less affordable private and public lands and days to hunt them.

We have MORE speckled trout and redfish . . . and I believe it's a matter of a quick future with regard to Louisiana topping their state speckled trout.

It's a matter of where to fish for them here. Yes, we have Calcasieu Lake, Lake Pontchartrain and the Venice area for huge trout.

But many more trophy trout anglers are fishing surf areas in southwestern Lousiana to find specks in the lunker range.

We may be trying too hard to find the next state trophy speckled trout in the usual places.

I think the Louisiana trout over 12 pounds may well eventually be taken off the surf or on the coastal beaches between Holly Beach and Sabine Lake.

Just my $.01 worth in this Tx. vs. La. divergence.

Hook `em

Reaching here
I predict that with the cost of fuel these days. We in La. will lose plenty of fishermen. It will in turn, help our fish get bigger. It is a matter of time!
I do agree
I do agree Texas has a better CCA! We need to get rid of "I think I am better then everyone else" Sam Barbera and get some one who really can run La's CCA

but Texas still sucks
Texas and Florida VS Louisiana
Florida and Texas both are so far ahead of Louisiana in ways to advance the fishing industry. Look at the landings in these states as compared to Louisiana. Pensacola has about 10 landings maybe as many as we have on the coast. Another advantage they have over us as the fact that they do not have the long boat ride to the good fishing areas. With little or no marsh area their numbers will never be as good as ours. The big fish only have a limited area to span so they are much easy to catch. Florida & Texas understands this problem so they are now raising fish in hatcheries and turning them loose. Louisiana is never ahead of the game. Florida even did away with all inside shrimping.
fishing in florida
where i fish in florida we can only keep 5 trout.the slot size is 15 to 20 inchs with only one over 20 that you can keep.the red fish is one fish.the size is 18 to 27 inchs.i make a few trips to la and spoil my self.the fishing in your state is awesome cant wait to get back there.the zone i fish in florida is closed for the month of february for trout.the south zone is closed nov,dec and january for trout as well.hell to fish in florida you need to bring your lawyer with you to understand the laws.take care irv
What ????????????
Lets make a deal...ya'll Texas diehards keep fishin' Texas and leave Venice (and the other exceptional, world renound Louisiana areas) to us...We'll just suffer through the "less than properly regulated" conditions....high limits..and the other benefits of the duly earned and long time proven "Fishing Capital of the World"...Venice rules Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
might not be a bad idea to follow TP&W's lead, look at their deer, quail, turkey, and largemouth bass.
Bigger Trout in TX?
I took a look at past CCA STAR results. I only found back to 2006 for LA and back to 2001 for TX. Here are the number of 8 lb + trout weighed in for each year

2007 0 / 13
2006 3 / 15
2005 ? / 15
2004 ? / 13
2003 ? / 13
2002 ? / 15
2001 ? / 14

Actually, Texas may have had more 8lb'ers in some of these years. They only show the top 5 trout in each of 3 divisions.

I know this comparison doesn't take all factors into consideration, but still, it's pretty telling.

Nevertheless, Louisiana's estuaries are unmatched for the bounty of fish, shrimp, crabs, waterfowl, etc. they continue to provide. The fact is that LA, TX and FL all have awesome and unique fishing opportunities.

DC...for what its worth

CCA STAR in TX has an 8 lb min on their trout to even be able to weigh in. LA has no such rule. Just one more example of how TX goes that little extra to protect big fish.

And to Greenhead....Sam & everyone in CCA LA do a great job here! Sorry you don't see it the same way.
Tx v LA
In my opinion, the number of fisherman affect this arguement the most.

I have been lucky enough to fish LA and TX. I started fishing Big Lake in the early 90's and caught many fish in the 8 and 9 lbs range. But the number of fisherman in the past decade have increased significantly. And I have noticed (I have no facts or stats) that the large fish are been fewer and further between catches. They are still out there.

I fished Lower Laguna Madre. That is were I seen the biggest trout in my party caught. The fish was 30 1/2" and weight just over 10 lbs. It was impressive, but the thing I noticed the most is the near zero human activity out there. Yeah, I saw some boats, but nothing like Big Lake or Sabine.

Really the arguement is a toss up. All places hold the next potential state record.

Take care and keep casting!
Jeremy I completely disagree with killing big trout.. Respect the fact they have lived to this point. The pickles are the best to eat anyway.. You are among a small group of fisherman who take this, in my opinion, wasteful style of keeping fish.. Call me I will give you 4 12inch fillets for every 5+ you let go..
I guess I just respect those big girls for being able to survive that long, and maybe I do have a soft heart for big trout. I do believe in Carma though, and I can't lie it has worked out for me so far so. I just enjoy the fight and take pictures of the boses.
I agree with you that we ought to raise the minimum size to 14", but I TOTALLY disagree that you should keep the big ones. The big fish will be caught again, and they produce more eggs than the smaller ones....the smallers ones just do it more often. Those big trout should be treated with respect. Take a good picture and throw her back for another day....C.R.R. man! Catch, Photograph, & Release.

I'll take my chances on catching her again someday in the future.
Mississippi just went from 14" down to 13" on Trout....guess that means their fish are going to still be bigger than ours but smaller than Texas from now on....that even sounds dumb..!!! Wonder how strong their CCA is over there,,,that also could be a factor...What about the number of tackle stores within 10 miles of the coast....what about the number of guys that use left-handed reels....this is wearing me out---I need a nap..!!LOL
a lot of texans feel that CCA stabbed them in the back and are not supporting them anymore.
LA Angler.....have a report here on my desk that disagrees with your statement. As of 2008, CCA TX membership #'s are higher than ever!
do you support RFA?
what is RFA
excuse my ignorance, but what is RFA?
this is funny stuff here
what ever happend to go fishing .
catch fish.
have fun doing it.
go home and clean fish.
eat fish.

to many wana be bioligest on here.
recreational fishing alliance
The only good thing that comes out of Texas is I-10!!
checked out RFA online....looks like good organization, more politically oriented than CCA, but pretty close to the same type organization.

Are you a member? Do they have a strong presence here in the South?
I was a member some years ago,,,to me they seemed more involved in politics on the national level whereas CCA is more locally oriented with their politics...!!
Yes Texas catches