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X22B Xpress boat?????

I was wondering if anyway bought the new X22B Xpress bay series boat. I am thinking about buying one. I got a ride in one from the dealer , but the only thing I see is the boat sits low to the water. I am woried about crossing rough bays and getting wet (and fishing in a chop).It only had a few gallons of gas , but holds 40 gallons. If anyone has any experience with the X22B model. I would appeciate some advise.
X bay boats
I have the HD22B. It does not have Hyper lift hull like the X does plus it is made out of a thinner guage Alum.
If you get the X22 I would go with at least a 200HP not the 150 that you see on most of them. I think that boat is rated for a 225. A lot of boat dealers like to put less HP to make the price attractive. I have a HPDI 150 on mine (the HD22B is rated for 150). Three men in my boat with gear @ 5000RPM I am doing 43/44MPH.
If the wind is less than a constant 10mph it is not too bad. If the wind is higher than a constant 10mph it gets to be rough ride. I would assume the X should give a better ride in the chops.
I think the sides on the 22X are 25".
Thanks for the info. I checked and the X22B is only rated for a 150hp (stamped on the hull). They had a typo in there brochure. Also , with 2 people the boat topped out at 54-55 mph on the GPS (5800 rpm's) . So I was very happy with the power, just worried about the height. (the X22 has 22" sides, but again sits low to the water due to the vee in the boat). I am buying one. so I will post something in a few weeks after putting it to the test.
Thanks again for your advice.
To me, after looking after this rig in person, I consider them overpriced. XPRESS is really proud of them. You can get a really nice bay boat for the price of this rig, and get a much better ride, draw right at the same amount of water. Even with the v, it's going to ride like an aluminum rig. It will pound in a chop and not be dry. I would think it over really hard before you buy, unless you know that it is definitely what you want. I just can't over the price of these boats. They seem ridiculously overpriced to me, and they are not close to being comparable to a custom aluminum baot. Not trying to knock them at all, but just my opinion.
Iceman, I agree with some of the things you are saying. However, for example as far as Aluminum boats that are massed, Xpress and so on I think they are the best on the market(just my opinion). From an alum. bay boat/center console you see Xpress the most. You cannot compare them for example to a Gravois. However, price a 22' Gravois I bet it runs about the same as a 22' fiberglass. Again, I am talking about boats that are mass produced. Yes, for the same price or even a 10% differnce I would buy a fiberglass boat. Trust me, my 22' will handle and take on what ever a 18'-19' fiberglass bay boat would. I went with Alum because I needed something at least 22' and they run in price like what a 18' or 19' foot fiberglass does.
Redfish, if I were you I would double check the HP rating. If you look on their web site the 21'X shows to be rated for a 225HP. I know someone that has a 2006 X21 with a 150 on it and they wish they had at least a 200HP. The X22 has a dry weight of almost 1800LBS. Good luck with you purchase.
I have an X21 and they are actually rated for a 250. I have a HPDI 225 on mine and it's the best boat that i've owned. I have had many fiberglass boats and don't get me wrong, I loved them all, but my favorite so far is the Xpress X21.
nolliabed what year boat
What year is your X21B? Also, what is MPG with the 225 HPDI running at 5K rpms with 3 people in the boat..
X21B Owner
Hey Redfish I bought the X21B last year with a yamaha 150. It was rated for a 225. Man I love this boat. Don't worry about it sitting too low in the water, this thing cuts through the chop like butter and turns on a dime. I don't know how fast you want to go but I'll do 46 by GPS with 3 people in mine. With just my wife and I, I can get her up to 51-52. I have taken her to Florida and had a Blast running through the bay and cruising to Pensacola via their Bay ways. No Problem. I thought about fiberglas, but decided on the durability of Life time warranty of their aluminum hule. The only thing it doesn't have that I wish it did , is a live well, It does have a live bait well, but it's way too small to put fish in. All in all I have no regretts. Think about getting the beige color. It's much easier on the eyes in the bright sun than the white. Oh and the anti slip Rhino Type coating they put on it is great also. I have noticed that they have changed the floor plan / design this year compared with mine, but I have plenty of storage for every thing I need. Any more questions or concerns just holler....
I wasn't bad mouthing the xpress boats at all by saying they were overpriced. I think it's a nice rig, but I saw an ad in LAS last month that listed the 22' with a 150 four stroke for $27.995 plus dealer prep and freight. The 24' with a 250 was $37,995 plus dealer prep and freight. To me that is an absurb price for this rig. Maybe it was a misprint, I don't know. But it was an Xpress ad, not one from a dealer. You can get a really nice 20' bay boat for $27,995 plus dealer prep and freight. That's all I was trying to say. Good luck with whatever way you decide to go.
Hey thanks folks. I really appreciate the advise. As far as the price goes. I can get the whole rig for $24,000 (2008 MODEL WITH 150 4 stroke Yamaha , tandem axle alum trailer). I priced different bay boats and they were all over $32,000 with standard features (shopping for 21ft and 22ft range, I really didn't want anything smaller),
thanks again!
Iceman, their is a big difference between a 20' & 22' bay boat as far as the extra 2' of room is concerned. To me, that extra 2' makes a big difference. As you stated and I pretty much stated earlier the 22' Xpress is about equal in price to a 20' fiberglass. ALso, for the 24' that showed like 38K. Try to pick up a new fiberglass 24' for 38K. More like minimun 45K. Also, the Xpress boats have a life time warranty on the hull...
A lot of it comes down to the almighty $ and how big of a boat you want or need....
You still trying to sell your boat?
WOW great price...REDFISH
24K for the X22 Bay this is a steal. This was almost what the HD bay which I have was priced at (including the tax). However, I have an HPDI....

Good luck....which dealer are you getting from it you do not mind me asking??
I agree
I agree with you guys, I'm a fan of aluminum rigs. The xpress boats just seem overpriced to me. Just my opinion, but they are nice boats and I'm sure the guy will be happy with it.
NO LIMIT,Yes , my boat is sold.
Xpressboat 908, I am purchasing from G&F in Raceland.He has a handful with counter rotating engines at that price (which I think are all sold, not sure). Yamaha must of had a overrun of 115hp and 150 hp 4 stroke counter rotaing engines and started making deals with xpress to package and move them. As far as I am concerned, the prop can spin left or right. the price is right. I will just need to order a spare left hand prop when needed. Also, I heard he is cutting some good deals on the HD20CC with 115HP 4 stroke Yamaha..if anyone interested.
No Limit,
I just said I sold my boat (and may had mislead you). I had a 20ft Delta Marsh I sold. I did post a HD18CC Xpress for my friend, which he didn't sell yet and is dropping the price.
Sorry for the confusion.
Re: X22B Xpress boat?????
I am looking at a 2007 X22B with a 2005 Yamaha 250 4 stroke and can't find any information about the boat except for this forum thread. Can you give me any feedback on the boat? Did you buy one?
Any concerns? What is the difference between the HD hull and this hull?
Please call me 504-four-5-zero-8348
Thanks in advance