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Folks if ya plan to go on the water and are after some of the fish in the S.T.A.R. tournament and have NOT already purchased a S.T.A.R. ticket, please do so. We landed a 198lb tuna this past weekend that would have probably won the tuna division, but we didn't have a S.T.A.R. ticket.

I know. I know. But I was one of those guys that said awe heck I'll never catch anything that'll place. I don't work for CCA, but I am a member. I tell ya, I feel like a slight dumb @ss for not spending the 10$ or 20$ for the ticket. I could have had a 5000$ blue water tackle package.

Well good luck and tight lines.
Big C
Nope Even if you would have had a ticket. You according to report had multiple anglers fight the tuna.
Disqualified when second angler touched rod.
Thats me
I wanna be that guy!
I want to catch the tagged red fish so i can rip out the tag fillet the red for the pit and toss the tag in the trash.