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Hurricane plans

OK guys, here is my hurricane plan. I am not leaving for this one unless the track turns East and is going to hit New Orleans dead on. I live in Metairie so if it hits anywhere West of Houma I'm sitting tight.
I wanted to get a list of things to get at the ready for staying, here is what I've gotten on my list so far.

Browning A-5 12 GA. with the plug removed and glow sights installed low light shots!!

Remington .270 for those sneaky suckers in the neighbors backyard.

Remington .22 mag for those sneaky suckers in my backyard.

Remington tactical 12 GA. 7 round mag. ( SWAT model) with pistol grip and shell strap.

90 rounds for the .270

150 rounds for the .22 mag

50 000 buck

50 T shot

15 slugs

and if I run out I'll have to grab my bow and send a few down the street with some broad heads in the thighs!!!

After that it is time to grab my Samuri swords and just start wacken' and stacken'

Oh, food and water!!

Good luck
thanks for making me laugh this mornin. i need it. Be safe charley and god bless
A camera to capture your trophys for later bragging rights around the camp fire. Gas and a match to dispose of the remains. They start to stink after a few ours.

Stay safe and shoot straight!
Want to move in our neighborhood? You have met the criteria!!!!

Only thing I would suggest, load one buckshot, then one slug, then buckshot, then slug, etc.etc.!

It's an old trick my SWAT commander taught me many years ago at the Sheriff's office.

Good Luck!
   Capt Bob
The Local Sheriff, and my partner, called to tell me they made a Bit of high ground with my baby Cat, so when the storms over they can at least fight chickens, and drink beer out of the water !! Now you can talk about Planning ahead !!Ya just can't beat a Coonass's preperation!! lol Life is good down the Bayou !! Just my 2 cents Capt Bob
Only thing missing is a pistol or two.

It is not very likely......but there could be someone that get in close before you see them.

You might need to double the rounds of never can have too much.
Hey Charlie...careful hunting those "high fence" areas...You might end up like Bo Bo on the Lake Oephilia Monster post. LOL

And in light of what happened during Katrina, you might want to call LADWLF for a ruling on hunting over a "baited" field. Some might say that you "entrapped" your quarry. LOL

Git-R-Done!!! America was built upon the right to keep and bear arms...and the right to USE them when justified. Bonus points for wounding looters so that the filth infested waters can inflict further misery for days to come.

Be safe, be vigilent...and God bless Louisiana
a spotlight!!