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Bow hunter looking to come home

This soldier is really wanting to come back home.
Where are you at? I'm sitting here enjoying lovely Camp Stryker/Camp Cropper. The hunting and fishing reports are a nice way to keep in touch with the real world. I'm originally from Plaquemines Parish, now stationed at Fort Polk, But in Baghdad for 15 months. Oh well, atleast I finally got stationed back in my home state. Only took 16 years to do that. Keep your spirits up and your head down, be safe.

Thank both of you for your service. I was in Baghdad for a year myself (Camp Victory) and I know how you feel about missing hunting and fishing. If either of you get some leave this fall and want to go when you get home I can take you to my club in Mississippi. Let me know if you have any interest!

FYI, after one particularly bad attack one day the Chaplain came to visit us. He told me that the saddest thing he had seen in Iraq was not the death of young soldiers, but those that had lost their private parts but were otherwise healthy. After that day, I never went outside without my groin protector on! Be safe!
   Capt Bob
Knotsane, I remember the feelin ! from Vietnam, When ya get back send me a e-mail and lets go fishin down the bayou,don't need a thing we got it all Hang In it will end Capt Bob
   iron man
i know yall dont get the thanks that yall deserve from some people like the protestors i saw in baton rouge when bush came down, so i would like to thank yall for all that yall do and did. dont forget to remember and thank the ones who lost their lives for their country. do not see them as numbers on the front page of the morning paper, but as heroes, guardians and friends.