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sat tv experts

I have dish net at the camp. The sat has an additional 3 ports for others to connect to on the actual dish. My neighbor would like to jump on. Can he buy a reciever and tie into mine on my subscription. Do I need to buy another reciever and he pay me back. His place is about 200 yards away from mine. will Coax carry signal that far.. We would like to share one subscription and be able to watch separate channels in separate locations. Any advice.
If you get large enough coax it will carry the signal that far. The question is how much output the dish has? The larger coax you have the less signal loss you will have over each ft. But to determine if any size will carry the signal that far you need to first know of how much signal "push" the dish gives. I am assuming, and we all know what this does, that the ports you are talking about are on the actual dish itself. If this is the case then you shouldnt have a problem with large coax. By large I mean LARGER then RG-6. You will not be able to buy this at wal-mart and I don't even think that home depot will carry the stuff. Its been a few years but I think RG-8? or RG-11? can't remember the number, will be the trick. You may want to get in touch with your sat provider and see how far your dish can be from your house and still get the proper signal strength to work properly. This large coax will take a special end and crimper to put the end on for you. I would hit up the guys around the camp to see if they have ever done this type of work before they may, as I do, still have the tools.

On a side note I would not tell them that your running your buddies camp 200 yards away while you have your tv 20 ft from the dish. Also you shouldn't have to buy another box. Most of them will let you rent one from them for 5 or 10 bucks xtra a mth.

You should also be able to get a signal booster if you are borderline on reception.
I got about 700'+ of coax that I'll let go for a steal of a price, email me.
That is a very far run. What you can do, is run some RG 6 (if you have it)from your receiver, 200 yards out and take a digital voltmeter and check the output of the coax. Put the meter to read DC voltage. Put the negitave (black lead) of the meter on the connector and the positive (red lead) of the meter on the center pin of the coax. If you get out 18 or higher voltages, it will be enough to run that far. But if you don't have the right voltage it will not power up the LNB. I have a extra receiver for a good price if you want it. The serial # or model # on the back is all you need to get it turned on.