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45/70 in Mississippi and a scope?

Just picked up a new 45/70 to use in Mississipi during the Primitive Weapons season (and more,maybe). When I left that state and stopped deer hunting several years ago you COULD NOT use a scope on a muzzle loader. What are the regulations now concerning the use of a scope on a primitive weapon in Miss.? Before I jump off into buying another scope I need to know the above.

Also, for those familiar with this caliber, at what distance can you stay accurate with reasonable certainty? Is 100 yards the upper limits, or 150? What bullet weight would you recommend?
I would suspect 100 yards to be the upper end of my hunting range given the place I will be hunting, but would like to know the performance out to 150 yards-just in case!?!?
The new gun is an H&R 45/70 the Buffalo Classic 32 inch barrel
Thanks for any and all replies.
Hello.Any scope is legal on 45/70 or black powder now.As for the guns I have the Buffalo Classic and have killed with it last year.I think it's a nicer looking rifle but a bit long.I shoot the Hornady Lever Revolution ammo 325gr and have it sighted in @ 2in high @ 100yd.Good luck and God Bless America.
On the 45/70 I shoot 300 grains. I sight mine 1 1/2 inches high at 100 yds. That will put you within about 3 inches out to 150 yds. 3 high at 50, 1 1/2 high at 100 and 3 low at 150. That is where you need to limit your shots for the most part. You will be about a foot low at 200. The first deer I shot with mine was 3 years ago at 150. He was a 7 point quartering toward me in a field. He was getting spooked and was about to leave so I shot him in the chest. He turned a back flip but was able to get up and run 50 yards. It's amazing how hard it hits them and the knock down power even at that distance. It leaves a heck of a blood trail too.
Thanks guys, just what I needed to know to start-very good info.
God Bless America- DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.