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bulk corn

Does anyone know where I can get bulk corn around the ST. Francisville area?
OK -- I'll bite. what the heck is this "bump" ?
I'm not sure if this will qualify as bulk but Pat's had corn a couple of weeks ago. 50 pound bag for around $8.99. However, I haven't been there since.

I'm disappointed. For such an avid poster I can't believe you don't know this by now. Whenever someone has an unanswered post and it gets pushed off the front page report scroll the author of that post will write "bump" or "." or anything just to show a reply, therefore putting the report back on top.

You have just been learned.

- Kyler

Thanks Coullion.....I would have figured it out...just a lot of other crap in my head right now...Thanks..Goood Method...
Bump !
Zen-Noh Grain CorporationIs
1001 Hwy 190 E Ser Rd, Covington, LA 70433-4963

Phone: (985) 867-3500

SIC:Grain and Field Beans

Line of Business:Whol Grain/Field Beans

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