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Which camera to buy?

I need some help from all the deer camera experts out there. I am planning on buying a deer camera today, but need some guidance. I don't want to break the bank, so Swamp Ghost and Cuddie Back are out of the question. Please give me some suggestions.
go with moultrie I-40 or I-60
Moultrie D-40 for a flash camera or Moultrie I-40 for infrared

Moultries are a good quality camera for a reasonable price.
Academy had the I-40 on sale.
Moultries for good camera reviews,samples, and user forums. Make a well informed decision. Stay away from the Remington Ghosts. Many on here have had bad results, that could have been prevented by looking at those reviews first.

Moultries are good camera's. I have 2 D-40's that were on sale at Bass Pro in the spring for 79.99 ea. I have seen them for 69.99 since. Can't go wrong for the price.
Just took my first set of pics with mine, they came out really good, day or night. I bought it from Academy about a month ago for $ 69.99 on sale, usually $ 89.99. For the money takes great pictures with date and time.
As I said earlier, the D40'S are hard to beat for the money. I really have enjoyed my 2. One word of caution though, if you set it on video, the daytime videos are great. But each video begins with a snap shot which will give the time/date stamp, then the video starts. At night, when in video mode, you will only get the snap shot. Sounds good so far right? Only problem is the snap shot is very very small in size. When you try to enlarge it to see better, it will distort and blur up. To me, with most pics coming at night, the video mode is useless because of the small sized snap pics in that mode. It's ashamed because the videos really do come out well. But then again, with a flash camera you won't get night time videos anyway and the vast majority of my activity is at night.

For a good reference pic in still mode, look at the post from KIMIKE and his freaky buck. Those pics are from a Moultrie D-40 in still mode, I'm pretty sure.