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when's the rut

I never hunted thistlethwaite before and I am looking for some info. When is the rut at thistlethwaite? How is the hunting pressure? What is he terrain like? Are there any areas that I shoul stay away form? Anything you can and are willing to share I would greatly appreciate.
the rut should be arround thanks giving. where are you from
I live in Iberia Parish and have a lease in Vernon Parish.
Deer movement there slows significantly in December. I then do alot of hunting at Attakapas in December and January. I am looking for a place to hunt when it gets foggy and I don't want to have to get in the boat to hunt attakapas. I like the idea that there are not many gun days and that they have point restrictions.
If you are looking to hunt thistlethwaite, the best time is for muzzleloader and for their buck only days. This is the time when you will start to see some big bucks and alot of does. Muzzleloader is surely the best time, in my opinion!
Follow the link below, it gives all the rut times for each area.