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All four boats full and headed other places to seek reds

Talked with Jay at 7:30 this morning and he was just finishing up with his boat's 75 trout. Called Chip, Curtis and Ahab in where Jay left from and now they are all done with the trout and looking for reds. A great bite this morning on LSU Chubs. Not one single live bait used today again!

As yesterday, I will have pictures of the trout and reds as soon as the boats come into the cleaning tables with the customers.

****Update: First two boats in at 10 with their boxes crammed with trout. Ahab was in first followed by Jay with a couple of Reds sprinkled over the 75 trout. All fish caught on LSU Bayou Chubs on the EAST side in Black Bay not under birds and much bigger fish.

****Update#2: Next two boats to the tables were Chip and Curtis with some monster trout and nice limits of keeper reds in both boats. Curtis had 47 trout(3 short of a limit) all BIG and Chip's boat had another 30 BIG trout along with his boat limit of 45 more really nice trout.

What a great day down here on the pond FINALLY the trout came and who would have thought it with a rising river!!

Got room down here for a few more select guests that want to experience excellence and knowledge from quality guides that throw nothing but PLASTIC and catch more times than not. 985-397-4383------You'll be so glad you did!---JLT
Sounds great! Where were you fishing?
What is an LSU Chub?
An LSU Chub is a minnow imitation co-developed by me and Reaction Lures in Many, La. It is a 3inch soft plastic minnow like a lot of manufactures produce, but it is tougher, and will outfish most all other lures. It is the lure of choice for 80% of the licensed captains operating in the SE part of the state along with almost 60% of the captains operating in the Southwest Part of the state(Capt. Bill Lake and crew)

The lure is nothing that new, as it has been producing redfish and trout for over 5 years now in the marshes of Louisiana. For a lack of a sales force, you may not see this particular lure at your favorite tackle store, but you can go to Reaction Lures website or you can call John Dean direct at 1-800-256-2075 and order all you want.
But John L, you forgot to mention WHERE you caught those fishes.........
You do a great job of writing but your reading skills have never been quite 'there'. Go back and read the post one more time, but this time go a little slower, My friend. And remember to take your Ridlin.