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Capt.John's"1 CHASING TAIL"RIGOLETS REPORT 1-888-734-2469

Trip 1 solo crew was one of my regulars Mr.T from Ms.Pulled out the Rigolets Marina headed to the run.Fished 3 hours with cut bait=15 Flounders(1-4#).

Trip 2 solo crew was also one of my regulars Mr.Chris Smith from Wheats Curve.We hit the RIGOLETS AROUND 10:30 headed to the run.Fished 4 hours with cut bait=8 Flounders(2-4#).

Trip 3 crew were Mr.T & Zac.The word spreaded a little.Mr.T wanted some more & man did he get it.Got to the hole for the BIG RUN around 1:30.Fished to 4:30 limiting out & releasing several with cut bait Texas rig=30 Flounders(1-5#)4 @ 5#

Trip 4 crew were Mr.Q Tran from Houston(before the storm N.O.) & boy'z from California.Fished the trestles & then headed to the Rigolets for the BIG RUN.Fished live shrimp Texas rig=23 Flounders(2-4#),4 Drum,2 heads,dozen Trout.

Trip 5 crew were Mr Kenny Capritto & father from Manderville.Kenny is a hardcore Lake P.fisherman & a great one @ that.The strong east winds(we put a bounty on the weatherman)made fishing tough.Headed to the run,but had to move inside to Lake C.pass.Fished live shrimp carolina rig=20 Trout,4 Flounders,2 Drum.

Trip 6 crew were regulars Mr.Milt & couz from Ms.Pulled out of the marina around 12:00 armed with live shrimps headed to the run,but the strong tides & muddy waters made fishing for Flounder tough.Made a move over to Lake C.pass & got on a late afternoon bite shrimps carolina= 35 Trout,7 Flounders(1-3#).

Trip 7 crew were more of my regulars Merrill Lynch group.Mr.Ted Longo from Diamondhead was the ring leader.I need 2 boats so who do I call.My good friend Capt.Kenny Kreeger on the "STATE RECORD" had 3 anglers & I had 3 on the "CHASINTAIL".Both boats headed to the hole around 7:00 for the BIG RUN,but the conditions were not right.We both moved one more time to Lake C.pass & bingo it was on(TEAM WORK).Fished live shrimps carolina=28 Reds(2-10#)released over 20,5 Flounders(1-4#),3 heads.A big THANK YOU goes out to my friend Capt.Mike Gallo of Angling Adventures of Louisiana for letting us run out of the famous SPOTS N DOTS lake house.She sleeps 10 quest great,has satellite TV,BQ Grill,boiling pots,wet bar,larger dock with lights,& some kick a$$ night life only 3.5 down the road.WORLD CLASS FISHING @ YOUR DOORSTEPS!

Trip 8 was solo crew Rhett Haller(14 years old)from Picayune.Looked @ the water conditions(did not like).Fished 2 hours with shrimp Texas rig & plastics=6 Flounders(1-3#).

awesome report John
gotta love the month flounder November run. It's the best of the year because they on the move heading out to the gulf . Magnificent catch on the doormats. Great report.
Cut Bait?
Capt., what are you referring to when you say "cut bait"?
catch a flounder cut the white under belly of one up, flounders are like cabinals use the under belly of a flounder and you can usually catch easy limits of flounder this way. And November is when flounder Are at their biggest they are moving out to the gulf with the white shrimp this time of year. This is the month when record flounders are caught. November is the month to target flounder, cause. They are pigging out and on the move. Sorry Capt. If I butted in.