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Lost Wallet, Need to Find the Owner

Can you help?

I found a wallet on the side of the road this morning while passing through Pearl River. I tried looking in the white pages for his name on the computer, no match. I found a doctors office appointment card in the wallet. I called the doctors office and told them what happened, gave his name and my name and phone number. Did not hear anything all day today so I called the doctors office back and they said his phone was disconnected. We will now try to use the power of the internet. If anyone knows a man by the name Don Hunter from Bay St. Louis, MS let him know I have his wallet with drivers licenses, SS card, etc. If you live in the Bay St. Louis area and want to ride by the address I have to see if he still lives there call me and I will give you the address. He is a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Fifth District. I can be reached at 225-933-7489
nice to see good people in the world
hill walker-- thanks for taking the time to be a good person the world needs more people like you

here's a try
maybe if you email or call the p.d. there they can find him. phone: 228.467.9222
Go to You will be able to do a reverse address search. Just put in the address on the I.D. and it should give you his home number. Great job picking up the wallet. No telling whose hands it would have fallen into.
Just a thought
I would guess if you found a wallet on the side of the road , and you didn't mention it had any money in it , and it was found in Pearl River and he was from Bay St Louis , it was probally stolen and thrown out the window by the theft as he was driving , how nothing bad happen to him , I would calld the Sheriff in Bay St Louis , maybe the man is missng
Fish, good point. However, when I talked to his doctors office this morning they said he had called them in a panic to see if they found the wallet. Sounds like he left or dropped it somewhere and somebody picked it up. I was going to give everything else a chance to work, police was last resort, would hate to bring any trouble to the guy, you never know, he might be in the middle of a doobie when they knock on the door. I know he has got a doctors appointment on 12/12 in Slidell, he will certainly get it then if not before. If somebody is going to be near Bay St. Louis call me for the address and go by. May go the police route tomorrow. Thanks
Don Hunter, Picayune, MS: (601) 799-0405

Don Hunter, Meridian, MS: (601) 644-3169

Don Hunter, Byram, MS: (601) 346-7226

Don Hunter, Marrero, LA: (504) 347-3991 or (504) 347-9416

Address could be out of date and he's coming down to visit family.
Phone Numbers
365, thanks for the numbers. Tried them all, talked to one man, left a message for the 2nd number and 3rd number disconnected. Maybe one of those good hearted trout bandits from Slidell can run over there, call for the address.
No Luck Yet
I called the Bay St. Louis Police Dept yesterday morning, the address was outside the city limits so the dispatcher was going to give the information to the Sheriff's Office. Have not heard anything yet. Anyone on this site live in Bay St. Louis area and around Ladner Dr? If so, give me a call or e-mail for address to go by the house and see if this guy still lives there. Thanks
Wallet Update
I knew the man had a doctors appt on 12/12 so I called the doctors office that morning to make sure they had my contact info to give him. Well he called after he left the doctors office and we talked. He moves around working contruction. He said he would call me back in about an hour with his mothers address so I could mail his wallet to him. Well, that was about noon Friday and I haven't heard anything from him since. Oh well.
try "zabasearch" on the internet it is free and is updated on a regular basis and will tell you on the entry when it was updated--is good for finding people for class rerunions etc--gives year and month of birth also
lost wallet
I lost my wallet last night at the carwash in Prairieville, ironic how this is the first report I see this morning. Hopefully someone will call with it, but in the mean time I am cancelling all my credit cards. Good luck with finding your man... hopefully whoever has my wallet has a good of heart as you. Hill Walker, we need more people like you
Lost Wallet
Thanks but I dont think I am doing anything extra ordinary. I would like to think that most on this site would do the same thing, we are sportsmen, not outlaws. Afterthebigones, I hope you find your wallet. Did anyone hear if anyone returned the elderly mans $18,000 he lost in a bank bag around Juban Rd. in Denham Springs? The poor man took off in his car with it sitting on top the car with a watch, the watch was found.