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A tragic loss

We lost a dear friend last night in Capt. Barry Brechtel. Our thoughts are with his family, including 3 children. Please keep the Brechtel family in your prayers.
Kevin Ford
Capt. Barry will be missed. He was a great guy.

Capt. Brent Roy
family and friends
**prayers sent**
So sad.
I got the news about Barry early this morning and could not believe it. Anyone that has ever fished with Barry or out of Breton Sound Marina knows what a good guy and class act he was.

Deepest sympathy to his family and long-time friend and fishing partner, C.T. Williams.
Sad day today, he was a great guy. Always gave good info on places to fish, and bait to use. Never heard anything but good things about Barry. Prayers for all his family and friends.
Prayers sent. What a loss!!!!!!!!
a few years back when i first started fishing out of breton sound he would always tell me where to go.....the last time i saw him was about 3 weeks ago and i messed with him asking him where to go, he responded,"son, if you don't know by now, you might as well take up tennis"
Capt. Barry
Kevin,thanks for letting us know/Capt. dumas just texted me to let me know what happened.
I had the pleasure of meeting him and conversing with Barry 3 times.
He never treated me like a stranger and I got the feeling he never met a stranger in his life.
The world is better having had him here for as long as we did.
Lord please be with his wife and 3 children.Loosing a daddy like that is incomprehensible.Loosing a husband like that is unfathomable.
I hope when funeral arangments are made the sportsman community (whether you ever met him in person or not)will show up in support of his family.
He was always there for us,lets be there for him.
Gods speed Capt. Barry.
Barry Brectel
Barry Brectel a true sportsman and friend to all. We love you brother. My condolenses to your wife and family. We know you will be catching constant limits of BIGFISH in Heaven.

Glenn glad I could be of assistance this morning. After waiting until 5:45 for Barry this morning, I thought something might be wrong. Because Barry is never late, never would have dreamed of this.

Some people you just can't replace and Barry is at the top of that list!!!

You will never be forgotten. Katherine and I love you brother.

Barry was a work hard, party hard guy. He was on his way to do the job he lived for.....

The fish God's in Heaven are watching over you brother.

Glenn and BSM family if you need me at all you call me.

Century Man
In memoriam
Captain Barry was a dear friend and mentor. He was one of the most innovative, positive, hard working and friendliest men you could ever hope to meet. My condolences to his wife, children, family and the countless friends that will miss him.
A Sad Loss
I met Capt. Barry at the LOWA conference in 2004 and liked him immediately. I've since enjoyed his commentary on TV and radio. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. What a sad loss for the Louisiana sporting community.
Will miss Captain Barry
I was fortunate enough to work with Captain Barry on a couple stories in the last year or so. The one thing I will remember about the short time I got to spend with him was that he was so willing to take time out of his schedule to take pictures that went beyond holding up a fish.

I told him that I wanted some pictures of him trying to keep some fishing secrets, which would take more effort than grip and grin. His natural outgoing personality made this particular shoot go very smoothly, and the pics were very different and very good.

I'll be praying for the Brechtel family.

Proverbs 3:5-6 - "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

the world lost a great man and south louisiana lost a great fisherman/friend
thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and kids


Man, I just spoke with Barry and had a beer with him opening day of Duck Season. The boats were all hauled out and he was whipped! What a guy! Always nice, always friendly, always helpful. Sorely missed. He is in my prayers!
Chris Ginn
Chris what's the chances of you doing a print for the wake/ funeral, I 'm willing to help with cost. A print of Barry with a smile another words any print you could frame and put together if possible maybe a 16x20 with a 6 inch matting for people to sign on to hang up at BSM. Just a thought!
No Nicer Guy
My mardi gras krewe has our rodeo every year at BSM. Their was no nicer guy than Barry. He would go way out of his way to help anyone. Our prayers are with the Brechtel family.
capt barry
capt barry took me on my first ever inshore fishing trip. i over the course of the next 6 hours he introduced me to the world of inshore fishing , shared his passion for the outdoors, taught me the basics and pointed me in the right direction to becoming a avid outdoorsmen and conservationist.
his love for louisiana outdoors was evident and i was soaking up everything he said.over the next few i made numerous trips with capt barry and some of his other guides, they were just as enthuastic as capt barry.

when i bought my boat this past spring i again turned to capt. barry for some help and advice. i wanted to b safe, have fun and catch fish.

he was always right there at the hoist @ BSM ushering boats thru and making sure things were moving as smoothly as possible. even is the sometimes hectic atmosphere he managed to throw a few tips to me... many times those tips saved my trips!!

i know many other have stories about capt barry and i encourage yall to share them.

capt. barry was a great friend and a rolemodel for what a true LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN should aspire to be like.

God loves fishermen
Just a comment,
Barry came here to live , he didn't come here to die.
RIP my brother!
A great loss it is!
Captain Barry was a great, stand-up guy and he will be surely missed by many, many friends. My God surely bless his family and especially his three children.
In our Prayers
Capt. Barry was a true sportsman that will be missed by many people. His wife, children, and long time friend Ct will be in my family's prayers. My heart goes out to them. God bless ya'll
We will miss you Barry!
I was deeply sadden when I heard the news of the tragic lost of Capt. Barry. What a great man who was always eager to help and always had a smile on his face. My prayers and condolences to his family and children.
great man
we have been launching at BSM since 1996, Since Capt Barry has had BSM, every trip has been a pleasure.

My wife and I were discussing this tragedy today. We launch our flatboat there at least 20 times/year. I launch the boat while she goes inside to pay the launch fee and buy bait and she always has our little dog Shiht zhu Poodle mix in her arms and she said every time she was in the trailer Capt Barry would pet the pup and give words of encouragement. I am still in disbelief that this happened.

When I was a rookie to this area, Barry would never mind taking a few minutes to give some advice and encouragement to any and everyone.

And I always felt that when I paid for 100 shrimp, I got a lil lagniappe.

God bless Barry and his family.
I did not know Barry but he was obviously a good man. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and to those who's life he touched.
prayers sent
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. If there will be some type of account set up for his children, please let us know.
Our lost The Lord gain
I toughts and prayers to Barry's Family.

We may have lost a find gentleman, And the good Lord gain one heck of a fisherman.