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Burnin em up!

Burnin em up!
Burned em up this morning down the river!!! One stop is all it took.

Today was my first trip down the river in a while. I have been fishing out in Breton Sound and givig the trout a break down river. Well today there butt! I needed to see some different terrain so down the river we went. Came right out into the bay and stopped. Right there, no further. BAM! Fish on! FOr next couple hours it was a fish on EVERY CAST. Redfish and trout flying all around the boat. These guys from Mississippi had never before caught trout and reds this fast. We had our limit of reds in like 20 minutes and then began throwing them back culling out the trout. Throwing into the same hole we kept 60 trout and EASILY threw back 50+ redfish. All our reds were 17-20 inches, just perfect for grilling or frying. The trout werent beast, but solid keepers. OUr smallest trout was about 13 inches and the alrgest about 20 inches.

Everything was caught on Venice marina live shrimp under a OLDBAYSIDE PARADISE POPPER. This is the BEST cork EVER made. I cant tell you how good it is, you need to find some and try them.

Not real sure about this weekend, looks like its gonna be a wash down here. Already cancelled Saturdays trip and probably will pull the plug on Sundays as well. When all this passes, you can bet we'll be right back at it. This is the best action we've seen in 5 years. I've already logged over 4,000 speckled trout on my boat alone. Dont miss out. FOr those of you who are looking at Fall trips, you need to book them now. October and November are begining to fill up quick. I've even got a bunch of bookings for next year already! Dont wait and get left out. Venice is the place you want, need, to fish!



Capt. Brandon,

It might be the best year you've seen in 5 years because 5 years ago you only knew 1 or 2 fishing spots down in Venice and because 5 years ago you did'nt take 150-200 live shrimp with you every morning you left the marina. If you're going to guide in Venice, you better have thick skin!!!
Spell check would be nice, too.
Thick skin on sale in Buras
Capt. Brandon----I think you're doing a fine job with your posting and should you ever need some thick skin, I have it for sale up here in Buras. Had to stockpile it up here with the posts I make!

It's all good, BC. Just keep on keepin' on, Man!
Can't spell very good but sure can fish!!!
Be careful about using those live shrimp. It can be hazardous to your ice chest. It can cause your ice chest to bulge and unexpected bust open so be careful.
1 or 2 spots?
What do you mean I only knew 1 or 2 spots 5 years ago? Thats ridiculous. I didnt know any spots. Heck I wasnt even fishing 5 years ago. I was living in Maine. haha I just follow Jeff around. haha

Who's broy? Are you a guide or something? HAHAHA