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Deer? Hog? Who cares!

It has become a tradition to hunt 3 Rivers WMA on doe day. We have had good luck in the past but this year was one of the funnest/worst trips ever. People falling down, people missing deer, deer running through the camp.
It all started Friday morning at 7:00 i had a 4 point broad side at 80 yards. I shot and..............WACK! Killed it dead. Well..........The little tree not the deer. There was a little tree big around as a quarter. I never saw it but i did put a perfect shot on it. I think when the tree broke it hit the deer. Maybe not but it was that close. Later that day we were sitting around the fire and some dogs ran a small buck 10 yards from the tent. That evening i killed 2 hogs about 200 lbs each. It took 2 hours in a monsoon to get them out the woods. Me and Live Bait both agree it was the worst retrieve ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We did not hunt Saturday morning because of rain. That evening Live Bait killed this 350 lb boar. He made a great shot. He hit him running at 100 yards. We were amazed how much the plate on the boar slowed the bullet down. No exit and it barely made it to the offside shoulder. Tuff hog!
Good Times
Hell of a hunt.... Sure it wasn't that fifth of crown that ya'll put down and just a dog running by the tent!!!!!!!
The Gut Pile
You forgot the part when we gutted your 2 hogs in the monsoon in nothing but crocs and boxers. It was great cant wait to do it again.