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Paw-Paw's Pirogues Hunt with Duck Commander

The Paw-Paw's Pirogues family had some great hunts with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander crew. We killed more ducks this past weekend than we did all season hunting our land in Delacroix. Sat. and Sun. hunts totaled 64 ducks with mallards and woodies filling most of the bag and a few gadwall and teal added in. We had a great time spending the weekend with Phil and his family and living the "Arise...Kill...and Eat" lifestyle. We were very fortunate to get to squeeze in this hunt with them this year as they are very busy filming for their new DVD, Duckmen XIII, and also a reality TV show for the Outdoor Channel. I think they got some good footage during our hunts and some of it may end up making the finial cut. Even if things don't pick up down in Delacroix, the hunts and good times with the Duck Commander Family have made the season. Good luck to everyone the rest of the season and have a Safe and Happy New Year.
hey man how are ya'll so lucky to be able to duck hunt with the duck commander!? I love that dude. i have all of his dvds and i think he is livin the life! well what would i have to do to hunt with him? do you have to pay for it? enter into a lottery? anything like that? or do you just have to be blessed enough to get invited? haha i know i may sound like a little girl in this comment, but that would be so much fun to hunt with those guys because they slaughter the ducks! i don't know what they do, but whatever they do, hah its workin! well im only fourteen and i don't think ill be gettin any invites from Phil Robertson. hah well do you go hunting with him every year or is this the first time?
nice hunt
nice hunt yall, beautiful birds, keep em comin b/c we sure aint... good luck the rest of the season and happy new year
Neat report
From what I hear Phil is a legit Christian, that is pretty cool too. Glad ya'll hammered the birds, someone's got to do it. It certainly hasn't been me this second split.
thats awesome!
im not a duck hunter, but even i know phil robertson it must be awesome to hunt with a legend! i may even duck hunt if i could hunt with him. You guys are so lucky.
Duck Commander
Yes, It is a great experience to hunt with Phil, his sons, and the rest of the Duckmen. We met him at the Louisiana Sportsman Show where we were selling Paw-Paw's Pirogues. He could tell be looking at the pirogues that it was the best on the market. He took one home and called us a couple days later to tell us how much he liked it. We are now one of his sponsors and have also developed a good personal relationship with him and his family. We have been invited to make hunts with him at his place the last 3 seasons. I have lots of stories and pics to share, he is truely a ledgend in the world of duck hunting.
PAW-PAW Pirogue
Man that is a good hunt but im interested in that there pirogue where can i find one and but them? are they wood, fiberglass are what i have been looking for a good one.
Hammbone, check e-mail
rise, kill and eat ... take another look at your bible
Phil Robertson is a great duck hunter, but guys go to your bible and read Acts Chapter 10 verses 1 through 28. In verse 13 is where Phil tries to "justify" hunting, but in verse 28 you will see what the Lord said to Peter in this vision. The Lord was showing Peter in a vision that he was not to call any MAN unclean or unholy because of their heritage or lineage. Jews hated gentiles and thought of them as unclean people, unholy people, but God shows Peter that salvation is of the Lord, brought to whom He desires.

I duck hunt and deer hunt, but I know that scripture is not speaking of hunting in anyway, it is a common metaphor / interpretive lesson having to deal with the gospel and salvation coming to all men, not just the Jew.

I praise God for Phil's passion for Jesus, and I pray he continues to preach Christ as Lord and Savior.

In Phil's defense, the book of Genesis gives man dominion over all animals and all to eat for food.

God bless all of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Evangelist what in the world was the point of that post i dont get it!? you are not making sense!
i 2nd the WTF???? i hunt as much as anyone and i belive in god as much as the next person but i dont understand where in the hell you are comeing from with that comment maybe its just new years and you have been tossing back a few if not how did PHIL ROBERTSON get in the bible and witch one of the other guys is peter?
Lucky & wait shoot ...
The original post was quoting the bible. So to answer your "what the ..." question ... I am a Christian, bought, saved, born again by Christ crucified ... it is my life as much as duck hunting is Phil Robertson's life ... second I enjoy hunting. But if you are going to quote the Word of God, the Holy Bible you should at least know what it says, and if you don't know, don't quote it as if you do.

From your comments I see that you don't care and that is precisely the point. "if you truly believed in God" you would live by every word the He spoke. You say you believe in God as much as the next guy ... true like the easter bunny or santa clause, but that won't get it when you stand before Him on judgement day and answer for the life you have lived.

It is sad when people throw around the word of God and have no clue what they are saying, and then YOU have no clue what you are reading ... kind of like ignoring your mom or dad when they tell you something, or just being plain ignorant (not in a bad way).

I'm sure you understand now, if not I'd be happy to sit down anytime and study the bible with you. God bless you both.
evangalist it is sad that you think becouse i dont live my life the same way as you that i dont believe in god as much as you and to say that to me he is like the easter bunny or santa claus is just ignorant no i dont go to church all of the time but i dont think i have to to believe in god or get into heaven i know alot of people that go to church and bible study a few times a week and then go home and lie cheat and steal but i guess that why you can be a born again christian like you said and if you didnt screw up somewhere along the way you wouldnt have to be born again you would just be a christian your no better than me i am no better than you and i dont think i will be kept out of heaven becouse i dont know the whole bible or go to church every week im sure god is better than that
for evangilist
you know im a belivier in god myself but you seem like one of the people that anoy the piss out of me that just go around trying to preach to everyone and have 20 versise of the bible on the back window of your care PLEASE LEAVE THE PREACHING TO THE PASTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
with all due respect sir, you are wrong
The words were not a direct quoting of the bible and the gentleman who posted it made no reference to such. He in fact stated it as a "lifestyle" making no opinion on Christianity, God or a belief in general.

It is YOUR actions that enfer your esoteric beliefs that magnifies the affect of hypocrisy in our culture.

Mr. Robertson himself, would likely be disappointed in you lashing out at fellow sportsman, BEFORE you seek to understand the man. Christ Jesus NEVER judged, but forgave.

Jesus understood that it was God the Father's to judge.

you, sir , should seek the same understanding.
What does any of this have to do with duck hunting?

Nothing to do with duck hunting YOUR RIGHT
Man you just mention the Bible ... you guys are getting a little out of control huh? Just kidding, that's why people can't discuss religion, because of all the emotion involved, but read on ...

Call Phil Robertson and have him read what I wrote ... he will agree, i have heard him preach.

But to answer one by one ...

wdkerek - read Matthew 7 or how about Matthew 18 and 100 other places in the bible where Jesus judged and will judge.

Jeremy Waltrip - I probably know your great grandpa and your great uncle and I believe I met you in prairieville, great preachers preach truth in love regardless of what people think. Great preachers preach to please God and not man, great preachers don't think they are great but that their God is great.

chassingtail101 - i am a preacher, and no stickers on my truck. You are a believer, Jesus said if you believe, keep the commandments. How are you doing?

LuckMan - you are right you don't have to DO anything to get into heaven, if fact you can't DO anything ... Jesus said "a man must be born again to enter into the kingdom of heaven" Lucky i am not in anyway saying you are NOT saved, but if you think a belief that has no action with it is saving faith then you are mistaken. Jesus' brother James said faith without works is dead faith. If we believe but our belief is not the kind of belief that motivates us into action (good works, righteous and holy living) for God then it is dead faith.

You don't have to: go to church, be baptized, take communion, share your faith, keep the commandments, love God, love your neighbor to get into heaven ... you must surrender ALL TO JESUS AS LORD AND SAVIOR, GIVE UP, GIVE YOUR LIFE TO HIM AND HIM ALONE ... TURN FROM YOUR SINS AND TRUST IN CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR. Jesus said REPENT AND BELIEVE. Not just believe.

But listen when someone is a Christian, a "new creature in Christ" HE WILL WANT TO DO THESE THINGS. Read 1st John it is all about examining your faith to see if it is saving faith or just a meaningless belief.

I am sure glad that you guys all have an interest in this and hope that you will take it seriously ... anybody who wants to know more about the bible or just wants to make a duck hunt together let me know.

And man quit being so hard on a brother.

God bless and happy new year.
Enjoy duck hunting
Please, lets not turn this post into an arguement. I just wanted to post some pics and the results of our hunt with Phil and the Duck Commander crew. Good luck the rest of the season and STAY SAFE!
I stand halfway corrected
fair enough guys, stay safe and good hunting.
West Monroe Mallards
Glad to hear the D.C. is still doing good. We used to hunt up near where I believe he does, off of Darbonne/Ouachita River. River's up so timber's flooded, good luck to all.
Buck Commander
They are busy filming Buck Commander too! They started filming two years ago and the first DVD came out last year. They kill some big ones!
I know what the quote from the bible means but i don't really see the point in you calling that out in this post. I don't see the reason that you brought it up. I think that this being the guys saying is probably a bit out of context but so what.

In addition you are also out of line a bit by judging these other fellows on here. You justify that by bringing up quotes from Mathew of situations in which Jesus did so. I am sure i don't have to remind you that you are not Jesus so being where he had that ability i think that it doesn't befall on you to judge them. You have no idea what is in store for the these folks so i think you shoul dkeep from passing judgement on them.

It just seems to me that you are being a bit antagonistic and a bit of a know it all by throwing your knowledge of the bible around.

Knowing the bible is good but its not enough and i am sure you know that.
Why cant we all just get along!! Proud Pop I enjoyed seeing the pics and it must be awesome hunting with brother Phil. I would love to do it someday so put in a good word for the ASSASSIN. Oh and how did this become a religious post!!! Why dont you commenting idiots just keep it real and take it for what it is....nice pics of a good duck hunt. Yall sound like a bunch of gossiping women. DAM!!!
It is a great experience hunting with Phil and the Duckmen. I have plenty of pics to share and I know that most of you enjoy them as I enjoy looking at yours. Keep at the ducks, the season is comming to an end soon, and everyone keep posting those duck hunting pics for us all to enjoy.