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Post Pulled?

I am reading more and more everyday about posts being pulled. I am starting to belief, they are not being pulled, there are some technical problems here.

Site Mods, you might want to check this out. This seems to be a growing problem.

Have you guys looked at Vbulletin software? Its great for a "forum" type setup.

None the less, something is wrong.
yes Virginia there is a wolf
It seems that the management will only leave posts that meet what they see as safe for their advertisers. I went on my 1st & worst goose hunt on Jan 6, 09 with Cajun Wildlife Adventures, a professional guide service. The owner disappeared upon my arrival back at his house. He would not return phone calls, so I decided to let the sportsman of Louisiana know that this guide service was not reputable. I know that no guide can promise that your shoot something, but when the owner promises you opportunity and you get none and he does not want to talk to you, what does that tell you. Oh yes, 3 hunters in the blind + a guide = 2 ducks, even though I signed up for a goose hunt. I posted two reports and both are now gone. Take that for what it is worth. Milton, disappointed.
Sounds very familar
I went on a guided hunt same as you just described , duck and goose hunt in Welsh . Five of us plus the guide killed two ducks and two geese , hunted about five hours . Won`t ever go again , was a waste of money .