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Duck did not last

I now know that it was a fluke for Delacroix Island. We hunted Sunday and got our limit. Went on Tuesday, Jan 13 and got 1 teal. There was definitely more birds than two weeks ago, but the lack of food is the problem. When the front blew through, they rode the north wind. They stayed long enough to see that there was no dinner, and just like us, they went looking for something to eat. If you think about it, a duck can travel huge distances in a short period of time. So if they find there is no vegetation in the water, they keep going. I did not hunt the first season after Katrina, but I would bet that the conditions was the same.

Another problem is that as I ride the 7 miles along the Bayou, going between Reggio and Delacroix, there is plenty of water where there used to be land. Now, when the wetlands start to recover, there will more opportunity for the ducks to spread out and make it even more difficult to hunt them. I have had enough! Put the ole pirogue and decoys up for the year. I will sit out this weekend. I may still consider a goose hunt, but after going with Cajun Wildlife Adventures on Jan 6th, I have to find a reputable guide service before considering another goose hunting experience.