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Score Guess?

This deer was harvested in Oak Ridge, Tennessee by a Watse Management truck. As much as i would love to tell a fish story about how I sat in the freezing rain for 16 hours and this sucker stepped out 475yds on the next ridge, and I tracked him for 13 more hours, I just can't tell a lie, unless it's about how a fish I caught...

I was on my way to work when I saw this haus on the side of the road. It had just been hit and I had just twisted the neck off at the base of the skull when animal control showed up to pick up the body. I only had a 3 inch pocket knife and was running 20 minutes late to work or I would have had spent a little more time getting the head, neck, and cape.

Any guess on a score? G2's are 13 inches. I counted 25 points.
Nice rack
"Scorable" points will put you in the 140's. But thats one hell of a nice rack!!!!! I live all those stickers & kickers!
Trashy Deer
Thats a nice deer.