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Aluminum or Fiberglass

Looking at bay boats. Going to be fishing mostly in Barataria bay/Grand Isle, Dularge/Cocodrie and Buras area. should I get aluminum or fiberglass? Oh, its going to be around a 20-22 ft boat.
I LOVE aluminum! Mainly because when I pull up out of the water, I just head to my spread. I don't want to have to break out a towel and wax when I get done fishing. I am already tired from waking up early and fishing in the sun all day. Fiberglass is very pretty though.
Aluminum boats are good but fiberglass is gonna be better for that. First off, runnin lake Decad and those places can get rough. Aluminums are notorious for hairline cracks due to rough waters and plus a glass boat rides like a cadillac compared to an aluminum. Just my thoughts. PS i own an aluminum.
fiberglass vs alum.
Fiberglass is better than aluminum in a chop. But I wonder if you get a custom made aluminum like a Gravois if it has the same ride as a fiberglass. I have an Xpress HD22B which has the hydro hull and it is fine if the wind is under 10 mph. I really do not care to fish if the wind is above that. I never rode in the Xpress type X or hyper lift type hull this one has more of a V. From what I hear a 24' aluminm Gravois more than likely runs about he same as a 24' fiberglass. I feel if both are the same most would go with the fiberglass. In the end it is up to the buyer and how much $ you have to spend! I would go with at least a 22' or even a 21' nothing shorter.
for what u described u should buy a glass boat for sure
My opinion
I would go with aluminum, I've owned both types already and much rather the aluminum. For 1 when you're not fishing and taking the family out on the lake and you wanna pull ashore you can pull right up on bank instead of anchoring out and swimming ashore. Just an opinion tho.
I bought my boat from this company.I got a sick deal.
Just check in to their site every once and awhile and you'll probably find what you're looking for.

P.S.-I saw an 08 kenner 24'with mercury verado 275 and trailer all new sell for $24,000.00 here the other day.
If I would have had the money I would have jumped all over that deal.
As mentioned I have an aluminum because I wanted a boat that was at least 21'. I could not get a new fiberglass for the $ amuont I was able to get the new 22' aluminum. I would rather have a 21'or 22' aluminum than a 18 or 19' fiberglass. Just my perference. I like to be able to fish 3 people. Regardless it is nice having a boat no matter what the size or material of construction is. I purchased my boat in 2007 and I am sure now that dealers are running a lot more deals on both.
the great debate!!!
I own both and they both have their advantages. my alum. is great for shallow calm water and banging it around. My FG is awesome for windy days, crossing bays and loading full of family and friends and as Cullin says its pretty. A little work to keep it that way, but it is pretty.
boat material
This controversy about alum vs. glass will go on forever. Bottom line is glass will give you a better ride in a chop. As you get older, like me, you'll appreciate that more and more. Yes glass is more trouble to clean but I don't mind cleaning with a non-sore back and neck from the boat ride. BTW in response to one of the other posts,I had a 24' Gravois a and it beat the sh&%& out of you and also they don't build personal boats anymore. Go with glass and you'll be happier IMHO
I can honestly tell you I don't get beat up in my aluminum boat in choppy water. never have. Aluminum is just my preference for the simple fact that I don't have to baby it everytime I take it out in the lake. Both have there pro's and con's believe me.
Oh and btw it's not the material that keeps the boat from pounding in choppy water it's the type of Hull you have! Aluminum or fiberglass with the same shape hull will bounce around the same amount!!!!!
I prefer aluminum
Shape of hulls does have a lot to do with it. That and weight.

It really boils down to what you plan on using it for and how long you would like to keep it. There are two things you shouldn't buy used. That is computers and fiberglass boats. Having watched older fiberglass boats sink and having to repair the brittle glass on old boats, it really makes you want to lean towards aluminum.

If you mainly bass fish in open water and have a big nice truck to pull the boat, get a fiberglass boat. Especially if you and the kids want to play around in the summer tubing or whatever.

If you like to get back up in the stumps to bass fish, set out trot lines, do alot of night fishing and/or have a smaller or mid sized truck, go with an aluminum.

One is just as good as the other. It depends on how much you plan to baby it or if you plan to get out there and do some hard core fishing. Fiberglass boats are best kept in a garage, preferably in a climate controled environment, to get a better resale value and/or life of the boat.
you said you are looking at bayboats and the areas you are fishing will be saltwater (Grand Isle)... My only concern would be the Aluminum boat in the saltwater, yano with the whole ion exchange thing eating away at your boat... I know that is what anodes and cathodes are for but I cant help but think there will be some ion exchange between the saltwater and the boat.. I dont have an aluminum boat but I would ask people that SALTWATER fish... not brackish water...
If money is not an issue, get fiberglass... we will debate on the best type of fiberglass boats for you too! lol
23' Kenner
I have a 23' kenner and it's the best Bayboat that I've ever been in. Takes the water great and it's very dry.

By the way it's for sale if you want to take a look or take a ride give me a call. Glenn 504-914-8581
for sale
Haha,glen.Good one.

Ohh and BTW!


Kenners are good boats I have one too but mine ain't for sale.
6 one way 1/2 dozen the other.
I guess it all boils down to how much I want to spend!? I have glass and alum bass boats both have there pros and cons. glass is more stable while fishing and moving around, but aluminum I can jump stumps with it and not skip a beat.
Re: Aluminum or Fiberglass
If you are going to keep a boat for a while and want a durable boat aluminium is the way to go especially for nearshore fishing in south LA.

A fishing buddy of mine bought a new south Louisiana built bay boat made by a guy in Lafayette. Its a Pescavora Hybrid 21'. A fine boat that is built to last no matter how you treat it. This is a lifetime boat that will last for generations. We made a few trips where we successfully fished the marsh, bay and the rigs all in one day. Made an awesome unforgettable trip.